A Love Letter For Sister When She Was Born

Love exists in so many different forms. A newborn baby when he/she has no idea about the world can understand love. He understands through his senses which his mother is. A crying baby understands the attachment with his mother and peacefully comforts in her lap.

A Love Letter for sister when she was born

Dear “Name of your sister” 

When I used to see my friends play, fight, and be so attached to their siblings, I also used to long for one. One day while mom was combing my hair, I laid on her lap and told her ‘Mom, I also need a younger brother like Akash.’ Then mom replied to me that pray to god; he will grant your wish. We will bring a baby brother for my baby. 

The day you were born, I was told that we are going to the hospital to bring a baby brother. Dad and I were sitting outside the operation theatre when the doctor arrived and said, “Mr. Sisodia, you are now the father of a girl.” I was happy to meet you, but not so excited as I was when we left home that evening. After some time the doctor called dad in, I also somehow managed to go with him. As soon as I saw you, a tremor ran through my body, and I don’t know what happened to me.

All those obsessions for a little brother flashed off. I looked into your eyes, and I promised there that I would take care of this little angel forever till my last breath. Remember, I am always there for you. I love you the most. Do good in life, sweetheart.


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