A Love Letter For Sister After Our Parents Died

love letter A Love Letter For Sister After Our Parents Died

A Love Letter For Sister After Our Parents Died

Life is very hard at times. The past few days have been very difficult for both of us. I know you are not in a good zone after that incident even I don’t know how to express the amount of pain that I am going through. 

A letter For Sister After Our Parents Died

Dear “Name of your Sister”,

I know you must have been going through lots of pain since you are the one who took care of mother and father when they were not well. It’s quite disappointing that our prayers and respect didn’t work, and we couldn’t save them. I can feel the amount of pain that you are going through, and it’s tough for our whole family and me. Everybody has turned numb, and the situation is quite critical.

At this moment, I pen down this letter to you, my dear sister, so that you can feel my love and be healthy. This is also to remind you that your brother will always be there with you in every cicumstance. 

Please help me in getting everything back to normal again. I know It’s a moment that we all don’t want to stop crying and want to cry more, but we both need to be healthy for the sake of our whole family. It is also that both of our parents in heaven must have been very sad seeing our entire family’s condition.

I am sending all my love for you through this letter; I hope you would stay healthy and would help me in helping all our members of our family to stay healthy. 


(your name)

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