A Love Letter For Sister After Her Accident

Love is the only feeling that can heal any pain. It not only heals but also protects your loved one from any problematic situation no matter how difficult it is to get over. I know my dear sister that you are going through an adamant time. 

A love letter For Sister After Her Accident

Dear “Name of your Sister”

I know I am not there with you, but I can still feel the amount of pain you must have. I pray to god for your quick recovery. I know you must have been going through lots of pain, but I assure you that everything would be alright. It’s just that I found it quite emotional and difficult to express all my love for you over the phone, so I decided to pain down all my emotions through this letter. I can’t physically feel what you are going through right now but I promise that I’ll come to you soon, and take care of you like a real brother.

It’s been long since we have met, but you suffer from such a big accident that makes it difficult for me to do anything. It feels as if I am also having the same amount of pain as you are having. I know it isn’t easy, but I also know that you are healthy and recover soon. I have lots of travel plans already ready, and once you recover completely, we would enjoy a lot. I love you, and I am praying to god that you would recover soon and we will meet as soon as possible. Till then, take care and lots of love to you. 


(your name)

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