A Love Letter Template for Girlfriend To Spend The Lifetime With Me

Love is versatile. It does not limit to any age. For most humans, the feeling of love comes up by being friends. Friendship is the first step that binds two human souls together for a lifetime. There are many stories of so many famous personalities whose love story started by being friends.

This letter I dedicate to my girlfriend, who is the most beautiful friend of mine. I take down this moment to cherish all our love that has been growing all through the years. 

A Letter for Girlfriend To Spend The Lifetime With Me 

Dear “Name of your Girlfriend” 

I consider this journey of ours to be one of the most beautiful routes of my life. From strangers to best buddies and from best buddies to you being my girlfriend, my life has completely changed, and it’s all because of you. I consider you the most beautiful gift that God has gifted me with. I still remember the day I proposed to you in the college canteen, and it was an instant yes from your side. From there on every moment that we have spent together is so precious for me. 

I take down this moment to offer you my heartfelt thanks for being mine, and I wish we would carry this love for our entire lifetime. To me, this journey of ours is the best that I have ever experienced, and it is all us now. There have been so many lovely moments, but one of the most special moments for me was our first date.

I tried to express all these feelings of mine to you, but it difficult to communicate, so I thought to write down all my feelings through this letter. I hope this love of ours stays together for our entire lifetime. 


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