A Love letter for Girlfriend to Remind her First Date

For many people, meeting each other for the first time is very special. They mark that day on the calender and whenever they think about that day, they smile. It soothes their heart as it brings joy and all the memories rush in. The moment of meeting each other for the first time is very nerve-wracking and many people get their love at first sight moment.


Hello, “the name of my love.”,

This is the first time I’ll be telling you how I felt after I met you for the first time. You were so cute, and your deep blue eyes were so charismatic, I felt like I would lose myself in them.

The first time I saw you and we had a sudden eye contact, and the moment was cherishing. We laid hands on each other and I felt that moment to last forvever. Our first date was exceptional, and I’m sure no other couple in the world had that kind of a romantic night at the first.

Do you remember when we cried on each others’ shoulder, how we felt like how time flew? Do you remember the first time I said I loved you? Do you remember every other special moment we shared? I can’t even spend those times with someone else. You will always be my greatest love and I am thankful to God that I met you and I hope to spend my whole life with you and help you in every way possible. You will always live in my heart for all eternity.

Love always,

Your one and only love!

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