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A Love Letter For Girlfriend To Confess My Admiration

Life is too short. The perfect moment is not to be awaited for; rather, we should take a moment and make it a perfect one. Leave no thoughts unfolded, leave anything unsaid, leave no wish unfulfilled (pertaining for favourable conditions), live with no regrets. Most importantly, when it comes to love.

Love is a beautiful feeling, and if you genuinely have some respect for somebody, he or she has the right over it, confession becomes a definite must.

A Love Letter to my Girlfriend Confessing my Admiration

Dear “Name of your Love”  

Yes, it is rightly said that love cannot be planned to happen structurally; it merely happens. It is you who has proved this right to me. Initially, I felt good talking to you. I admired the way you treat everyone around you; I admired how pure of a heart you behold. I had admired you and would get a relishing and reviving vibe whenever you were around. Things turned out to be right between us, and we got closer in this bond of love. 

I thought meeting you was a new phase in my life, but to my great astonishment, the actual turning point was this relationship with you. I connect to you like I never did anywhere else and you make me feel which I have never felt earlier. This relationship brought me closer to your soul. I have known so much about you, which I never knew lied within you.

Every day I feel like I love you in great depth, but every other day I get to enjoy you even more than the previous day. I have begun admiring your innocence; I admire the way you handle all the crucial situations that pop up. In a literal sense, I have started admiring every bit of you. Cutting it short, I adore to be like you.


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