A Love Letter Template For Waiting At The Station

Love is the language of hearts. Love is pure and fragile. It needs to be handled with utmost delicacy and care. Love can make you or can even break you. Love can bring out the best version of you or love you push you to the deadliest version of yourself. 

A Love Letter For Waiting At The Station

Dear “the name of your love”,

I have a lot for you in my heart, and you deserve to know about this. I wanted to bring this up to you since long back, but planning out for a fancy tale of confession to you took me so long, that I don’t have you anymore. I accept that you are no more here around me.

I cannot play you down all of the satisfying tales which I had structured for you. But my love for you is accurate and I sitting here in the aisle of the station platform, touching the breeze of solitude will let you know what I always wanted you to know and that you should have known much back. The next thing I love is my dear pen and the precious paper because now they are all for you, my love.

I repeat my love for you is correct. I have taken rounds of self-inspection and self-interrogation and later known the depth of my love for you. Sweetheart, come back and come soon. I assure you because I have lived in it that this love will embrace you within itself. Trust me; my heart says that we are the best thing together. I have completely fallen for you. Time stands nowhere in-front of waiting for you.

I am here the same very you had seen me last time, you will see me waiting for you at any stand of life. All is needed is you, you complete me. 


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