A Love Letter For Sister On Sister’s Day

Girls are usually delicate and soft by nature in most cases. A girl child always gets more love and care from the family, may she be the eldest or youngest. Daughter is always a prized possession for the parents. Also, sisters get a more significant share of preciousness from their elder ones.    

A Love Letter For Sister On Sister’s Day

Dear “Name of your Love” 

I wish you heartfelt greetings on this special occasion of sisters’ day to my dearest sister. You are a blessing in my life. We have created so many memories and lived all of them together. I have advised you as far as possible, and I have also learned a lot from you. From my partner in all mischievous plans to my secret keeper to the one who has always been by my side, dear sister, you are precious to me.

You make me feel like I had indeed done some great deed in my past that I have got you as my sister. I think that this world needs to be blessed with more sisters like you. I would also acknowledge that any time I have been angry with you, scolded you or stopped you from doing something, those were all because I care for you! Don’t hold any grudges against me in your heart; you know how much I love you. 

There was no situation when I had some clash with mom and dad that you didn’t take care of me. They would sometimes not try to understand my side of the story, but you were always there to listen to me and comfort me then. 


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