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A Love Letter Template For Completing Myself

The love and affection toward our loved one is something that completes a couple. The way our partner show their presence and make their move towards each other is all about caring and also about how they feel for each other.

These may sound very foolish, but all these little things make a couple complete and reliable upon each other. In this way, our love partner completes each other.

Love Letter For Completing Me

Dearest, “name of your loved one.”

I still remember how it was the 5th day of our college. I was sitting on the last 3rd bench, and you were just two benches ahead of me. Me, as usual, surfing my phone and out of nowhere you came to me and asked for the last day’s notes as you were absent on that day. A girl with extrovert nature and curly hair asked me for study notes, and I was a guy who was introvert in nature.

The bond we grew for each other after that day is immeasurable. The happiness you bring to me after every outing is nothing less than touching the moon. All the stupid stuff we do with each other, and every single time we spend with ourself, can’t be measured with any different feelings. Though this love letter, I want to express how you complete me. I want to confess how my day starts with thinking about you and ends with the same. I don’t think without you I can spend even an evening.

You turned this introvert into an extrovert and thank you for that. This shows how you are everything to me and how our bond grew after college.


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