A Love Letter to Boyfriend on Short Span Relationship

love letter A Love Letter to Boyfriend on Short Span Relationship

A Love Letter to Boyfriend on Short Span Relationship

This might sound clichéd, but love is indeed the most complicated yet sweet thing that can happen to anyone. Small differences, petty fights, misunderstandings, possessiveness turning into jealousy, etc., all these are part and parcel of love. 


Affectionately XYZ,

I summed up the right amount of courage to write to you after whatever I told you about separating our ways. I do not take you for granted by subjecting you to read this letter. I know that you might feel differently about me after reading this, but trust me, I’m writing this just because I want you to know my feelings as well. I discovered that my thoughts are not in sync with my feelings. My feelings for you fade away with time.

I did not leave for any other person; I did not leave you for gaining the upper hand in our relationship; I had not made up my mind to unburden myself by going separate ways. It might be difficult for you to believe, but I am as truthful as possible while I am writing my heart out to you. Sometimes I feel like I should punish the “distance”m which made me commit this.

I miss you. The hurtful words that came out of your mouth have been carved inside of me, leading me to believe I was only a spectator of a relationship based on emptiness. And that was the worst sensation I have ever had to endure in my entire life. And despite all of this, I am still haunted by your face. I miss it.

Yours sincerely,

(your name)

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