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A Love letter for boyfriend on his Birthday

Love grows if you express. Love gets it respected place when expressed. Making a list of what is inside the heart and writing it down dedicating to the dear one makes him feels special be it an old school kind. What feeling a specially dedicated letter from the equally special person hold can never be matched.

A Love letter for boyfriend on his Birthday

Dear “the name of your love”,

Your existence means so much to me and so much this very day. It is your birthday today. I wish you a very Happy Birthday, the love of my life. Wish you lots of happiness, contentment and prosperity in life. I wish and pray for all your desires to be fulfilled the way you wish it to be. Wish you strength, good health and the best things in life. You deserve them all.

People talk of lady-luck, but trust me you are my strength, dear prince charming. You give me strength through all the hurdles I upfront in life. You are the sunshine to my morning and also the glowing moon in my dark sky.

I thank all the causes behind this special day, the almighty sent you into this world and in true sense, blessed the world with your arrival. This world needs more people like you. May every birthday of yours make you realize how special you are and remember, you are even more special to me than what you think of. I really run short of words when it comes to you.

Be more and more successful in life, your success means success to me, your happiness means happiness to me. Once again a very happy birthday to the best son, the best brother, the best lover and definitely the best boyfriend in thee world. Thanks for existing. 


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