A Love Letter For Boyfriend On Monthsary

Being in a relationship is a great moment for everyone. The people share their special memories with their special ones and plan to spend their lifetime together. For someone who is in a relationship for the first time, it will be an even bigger achievement when they complete their first month together. 

A Love Letter to My Boyfriend On Our Monthsary

Dear [XXX],

I don’t want to be formal when it comes to our monthly series, but I wanted to give you something different on our first monthsary.

We’ve been living in a world where calls and social media messages matter a lot. There may be some chances that these messages may get wiped out from our mobiles, so I decided to write a valuable letter that will make our bond more pure. This may sound a bit old fashioned, but trust me this is more romantic. There are several people who have not stood beside us and have not supported us as well, but it is our responsibility to prove them wrong, isn’t it?

In this little span of one month, we’ve experienced ups and downs, but those were some amazing moments with you. I promise that I will love you for as long as possible. I love you endlessly because that’s what I’m feeling right now. I’m missing you every minute of every day and even when I’m with you. Everything stops when we’re together, and everything seems right when I’m with you.

Thank you for being there with me, my lover and my life. I love you and happy monthsary.

Yours truly,


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