A Love Letter For Boyfriend After His Accident

Caring is another face of love. Lucky are those who have a caring partner with them. Falling in love is easy, but staying in love with the same person lifelong is difficult. This is a responsibility to take care of your partner, building a healthy relationship.

A Love Letter For Boyfriend After His Accident

Dear love,

I hope you would be alright, baby. It shocked me to hear that you met an accident. It the most horrible news I have ever heard. This was a hard time for me, mostly when we were a distance apart. Throughout this, connecting you was also challenging for me. Some of your friends were kind to me in all this. They regularly conveyed your updates and my messages to you. Please pay my heartily thanks to them. They even helped me in getting out of my anxiety regarding your recovery. I can’t tell you how hard this time had been for me.

But all is well that ends well. You are well again; this much is enough for me. You have shown a quick recovery, my dear. I wish I could be there beside you, pamper you, hug you, and give you those sweet forehead kisses. This long-distance relationship sometimes kills me. But as long as we are together, all this is fine.

Yeah, but indeed I miss you a lot, my love. Just get a quick discharge and come home, come to me, baby. I am dying to see you. It has been a long time to see you.

Now, you would have to pay more attention to your health. From your diet to lifestyle, everything should turn in a constructive way. I am thankful for almighty; you didn’t get any serious injury. Pay more attention while driving next time. You wish for your health and happiness ahead.

Yours truly

(your name)  

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