A Love Letter For Boyfriend That Will Make Him Fall For Me

Writing love letters for your boyfriend that will make him fall for the girl is sweet and romantic. These days many girls apply this style of a message to their love letters for their boyfriends so that when he reads it, tears will be coming down from his eyes, and that will show that he loves you.

A Love Letter For Boyfriend That Will Make Him Fall For Me

Dearest XYZ,

I hope you are doing fine. I am writing this letter to you to bid your love-filled yet sad goodbye as you move away from this city to another. Living with you and seeing you every day had become a part of my life, and now as you are going out, my heart is filled with sadness and pain. Nevertheless, I wish you the very best of luck for your future in the new city and hope that you achieve all that you wish for and more there.

I have never frankly told you how much I love you, dear Jack. Ever since you have come into my life, you have made it beautiful and changed me for good. But as I see you pack your bags, I cannot help but feel sad. I know that you are moving in the right direction of your career, and I am very happy for you, but knowing that you will be away from me for one year is hard to register.

You’re the bravest and the strongest person I’ve ever met, and I love you so much! Don’t ever forget that.I’ll miss you love, and please keep in touch through calls and texts. I’ll try to write more letters to you.

Yours only,


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