A Love Letter For Boyfriend On Chocolate Day

Couples share a cute sweet and sour bond where cute little fights followed by cuddling nights are common. These silly and adorable activities bring two hearts closer, even in a more challenging time. If held properly, just one right person will give you the affection and care that no one other can.

A Love Letter For Boyfriend on Chocolate Day

Roaming in the market yesterday, I didn’t find any chocolate as sweat as you. I didn’t find any chocolate as soft as my heart over you. I didn’t see chocolate that can express my love for you. But I found this way of sending the love and my heartily wishes to you, my dear.

Seeing you reminds me of my favorite chocolate, a bit bitter and a whole lot sweet. You are my choco pie and my all-time Cadbury. You have always given me a sweet bet feeling even if I was low or high. You are my “Mars” baby. May our relationship be more precious, smoother, and romantic than before. 

You are the one who gave a new direction to my life. You have always been so supportive and kind to me. You have seen right in all situations where I fell. Thank you, my dear, for being so. I even can’t imagine a day without you. This is only you who puts me up all the time, no matter what the situation is. Always be the same, my love.

No words are enough to express my feelings for you, but I wish a healthy, happy, and sweet life for you on this chocolate day. You are the crunch to my Kit-Kat. I am nothing without you. May this day would become the sweetest day of your life, even more, precious than Ferrero Rocher.

Yours truly,


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