A Love Letter To Boyfriend After Breakup

Life is all about acceptance, and this positive aspect of life can only be achieved through love. Love is a very sacred feeling, and this feeling is quite hard to get over. Over the past few days since our breakup, I have been missing you a lot. 

A Love Letter To Boyfriend After Breakup

Dear “Name of your Boyfriend” 

It’s now been a while since we both have moved on and it’s been not easy on my part to get over all the memories we have shared throughout in our journey together. Although I feel alone now, I know you would find someone who will love you more. I hope you are happy. It was a fantastic journey with you. I hope you will achieve all the happiness. 

It was a beautiful journey with you, and our bond was always special. We had so many beautiful moments of fun and joy. Now that we both have decided to move on, I wish you all the best for your future, and I want to you will achieve all the happiness. It was difficult to part ways in that manner because of our fight, but still, then we found out after a time that our relationship was not working out and it was awkward for both of us.

I am also thrilled that you supported me in this decision of mine like you always did. No matter what you will still hold a special place in my heart and I will always be there to help you in any situation if you need help. It was a great journey, thank you for all the love. 


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