A Love Letter For Boyfriend On 2nd Anniversary

Anniversary A Love Letter For Boyfriend On 2nd Anniversary

A Love Letter For Boyfriend On 2nd Anniversary

Being in a relationship feels divine if the couple is a perfect match. Spending two years together is a big deal for some couples, and for some it is not. Celebrating such auspicious day is very important for every couple.

A Love Letter For Boyfriend On 2nd Anniversary


It is our 2nd wedding anniversary and I could not have imagined what our life would be like two years after walking down the beach to say our vows. We don’t have it all together, and we haven’t figured out all the secrets to life, yet there’s one thing I can say with absolute positivity – I am so proud of us. With each day that passes, our love has only grown stronger. There is not a day that I doubt whether we were meant to live this adventure hand-in-hand.

You showed me support and encouragement and every day you motivate me to get better and dream bigger. Just months after I started my business, I decided we should adopt a puppy. 

I admit this may not have been the smartest idea at the time. A little patience would have done me well. But we ended up getting one and you tackled the situation with perseverance and determination. You’ll never understand how much I appreciate you listening as I gush about seeing the Colosseum, walking down gorgeous little streets, and eating delicious Italian food (because I know I talk about it entirely too much, even two years later). I know I’m not always an easy woman to keep up with. And now that we’re adults, I’m pretty sure life will never be completely easy. We’ll have days when everything is going our way and days that nothing is going our way. But I know through anything, our love for each other is going to make each and every day an adventure. 

And I know I’ll keep waking up every day with a smile on my face because you’re there next to me.

Love always,


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