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101+ Best Long-Distance Love WhatsApp Statuses And Messages

When two loved ones are separated by distance and they do not have control over the same, it is the toughest long-distance relation that ensues. Here are some of those Whatsapp statuses that you can put up for your long-distance relationship. 

Emotional WhatsApp statuses for long-distance love 

-The saddest part about a long-distance love is that I can see her all day but never hold her hand! 

-Long-distance relationships need a lot of courage. the courage to stay away from your loved one and yet be in love! 

-To all those who thought long-distance love was easy; you don’t know half the story buddy! 

-Every single night in a long-distance relationship feels like a punishment 

-The human mind craves attention and emotional touch, the long-distance relationship gives you none. 

-At the end of the day, there are times when I need your lap to cry on. But alas, you are farther away than I thought

-The veil of sadness covers me up when I see all my friends having real dates while I still stick to virtual ones! Get back home soon, love! 

-I never felt lonelier than tonight when I need her the most but she is miles away building her dream right 

-Maybe she is way too far for my hands to touch her but my heart is always too close to you to love you

-Long-distance relationships are like a sea with high waves! Either you stand strong or else the chances of getting washed away are higher

-Physical distances don’t matter in the meta-physical love that I have for you! 

-If you ever feel homeless in the big world, know that my heart awaits you forever 

-I have learned that the problem with long-distance relationships is only one thing- I miss her too much 🙁

-Bigger distances mean more love and a bigger love story 

-You staying away in the far distant land has only made my love for you grow thicker and deeper 

-The more father you go, the deeper you flow in my heart 

-Long-distance love is like an addiction! I can kiss the ghost of my boyfriend but won’t kiss other guys ever! 

-When your loved one is far from you, their mistakes start looking smaller than the love you have for them

-Distance only intensifies love! 

-The biggest test for love is the test of time. If my relationship fails time, then love failed itself!

-Not just your picture in my wallet, I carry your heart in mine wherever I go.

-Sometimes distances bring out more love than being close to each other would ever have

-When two people are far away from each other and still in love; you know it’s true love <3

-Unless we moved away from each other, we never realized that we were so madly in love! 

-If distances couldn’t do us apart, I doubt how far would death ever succeed! Love is a forever feeling.  

-The power of my love is immense, it travels to the other corner of the world where my partner lives.

Encouraging WhatsApp statuses for long-distance love

-There will be a day when the distances won’t really matter and I will be a flight away

-I am not sad because you are far because I still have your scent lingering in my heart 

-All that we think is tough is not really tough, just as I thought that long-distance love would be tough but now it feels like a dreamy story 

-Today we can be miles away from each other but it is for our better tomorrow and I am sure of that 

-In life, the favorite people are always far away and this is why I want to travel and love you harder all over again 

-You are my motivation to work harder so that I can afford a ticket to that flight that takes me to you 

-I keep a countdown on every time I see you so that the waiting to see you again doesn’t feel long

-I know you miss my presence but here I am working with my everything to make sure I be with you real soon 

-I will be with you very soon my love, trust me 

-In long distance love, believers make it big and dreamers crash the bond down

-It is only practical that we are living in different cities trying to make a living and settle before we commit!

-We are the perfect relationship but separated by location! 

-The only reason why I can’t help but love you harder is that you are far away and my heart cries for you

-Distance makes our love extraordinary! 

-Every love story has a villain. In ours, it is distance and again like every love story the villain shall soon become when it’s time for a happy ending

-I will live my entire life with you and hence this momentary distance hardly matters to me

-If not today, we will meet tomorrow! Long-distance relationships teach patience and it is rewarding! 

-The distance feels like hell but when we meet, it is heaven in all its glory! 

-I have never been so happy as I am today because I am meeting you for the 1st time in this year
-True love passes the test of time and distance with ease every single time 

-All that I have done over the years is to ensure that I stay with you and focus on being with you till the end of time 

-Physical distances can be met but what about emotional distance? Will a long-distance relation sustain the tide of time? 

-Do you know that I live in two places at the same time? The first is my location and the second is where you live. I am always their honey! 

-Love isn’t in the sight, it is in the feel and emotion, or else I couldn’t have been in this long-distance relationship

-Love has no limits of time and distance, you can give it the power to cross borders without a visa or passport!  

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