79+ Best Literary Puns and Funny Quotes

Puns happen to be a legitimate form of torture. There are not many people on earth who will be able to comprehend the value of a decent literary pun. Here, we have mentioned several literary puns which are meant only for the readers.

Literary Puns and Funny Quotes

  • It is Thoreau editing that helps to make Civil Disobedience such a fantastic essay.
  • Once past, present as well as future walked inside a bar, it became extremely tense inside.
  • Voltaire prefers his apples to be candied.
  • The run-on sentence though that it had become pregnant since its period had been late.

_The favorite thing of Socrates to mold had been Play dough.

_Shakespeare always wrote with pen because he became confused writing with pencils – 2B or not 2B?

_To be honest, it will be sensible for everyone to leave composing poetry to the prose.

_What is common between pregnant ladies and apostrophes? Both of them are susceptible to contractions.

_Authors consume Joyce Carol Oatmeal for breakfast.

_How can you differentiate a feline and a comma? Commas happen to be a pause at the conclusion of a clause, and cats come with claws at their paws’ end.

_Dasher happens to be the preferred reindeer of Emily Dickinson.

_Authors are cold at all times since they are encircled by drafts at all times.

_Those books blue them away.

_I become [sic] because of bad spelling.

_The period told the sentence that they should better stop.

_Words end up in court along with the punctuation for getting sentenced. 

_Do you comma at this place too frequently?

_I have been so adjective that I ended up verbing noun.

_It is pointless to have broken pencils.

_Authors have fantastic climaxes.

_One becomes weak by spending 7 days without any pun.

_Comma sutra helps to make grammar sexy.

_Make use of commas and practice risk-free text.

_I am in the habit of touching my shelf while thinking about books.

_Readers perform it in between the covers.

_My weekend is completely booked.

_Verify your shelf prior to wrecking your shelf.

_Better read than being dead.

_This particular weekend will be LITerary.

_I have only to blame me shelf when the book fell on the head of mine.

_Speak wordy to me.

_The longest word that you will find in the dictionary happens to be smiles since there is a mile in between the 2 “s”.

_I am trying to feel my shelf.

_Have you gone through the book regarding hands? It is a genuine page turner.

_I am going through a book regarding anti-gravity and I find it impossible to put it down.

_Every single book comes with some mistakes and flaws. It is bound to take place.

_Always remain truthful to your shelf.

_Writers happen to be cold since they are always encircled by drafts.

_Reading happens to be a novel concept.

_Bookworms like to take shelfies.

_Books happen to be my type of texts.

_This particular book of spells has become useless. The writer did not remember to run the spell check.

_I do not have any shelf control.

_Books are extremely annoying to be around since they do not have shelf awareness.

_Readers do not have any additional time for they happen to be booked.

_The man purchased so many books that he was crushed below them eventually. He had to blame him shelf only.

_The fiction writers love pulpy orange juice.

A Thesaurus is the type of book that belongs to the Jurassic period.

_Witches are going to become the most effective editors since they are capable of running spell check.

_A ghostwriter happens to be the spookiest type of author.

_Tequila mockingbird happens to be the favorite book of an alcoholic.

_The book regarding Mt. Everest happened to be a cliff-hanger.

_They do not allow accountants into the library because they are not bookkeepers.

_It will be possible to track a book by following the footnotes. 

_The fiction writers are better as compared to poets since they happen to be prose.

_Othello happens to be the book that is most extroverted.

_The book went to the hospital for getting rid of its appendix.

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