Letter to your Husband in bad times: 6 Best Samples

Relationship Letter to your Husband in bad times: 6 Best Samples

Letter to your Husband in bad times: 6 Best Samples

There is no one who doesn’t face bad times in their life but what’s important is that loved ones dont leave them alone. A wife is the most important part or partner for her husband. So when a wife knows that her husband is going through bad times it is very important that you tell her that she is going to stand by and never leave him alone. These letters are going to be emotional for both the reader and the writer.

How to write good letters to your husband-

  • Write a letter filled with emotions
  • Write a letter expressing your support.
  • Talk your heart out.
  • Mention any special moments that you two share 
  • Make sure you tell them how important they are to you.

Letter & Email to your Husband in bad times

Sample 1

Hello dear husband,

I know the times are not good and you have been stressed for months now. I am writing this to you because I know you want some time and space and I dont want to interfere in your space. This letter is just to tell you that I always there for you. I promise that in all your success and failure, I will walk by your side.

May be this time is tough, may be you are hopeless right now but I as your wife want to convey that that our and this relationship will come out of all the issues stronger than ever and as you are worried about job I know you are talented and you will get a very good job soon.  

If you feel like talking let me know I will be there.



Sample 2

Dear Husband,

Do you remember its been 8 years since we married? Things changed after it, we have been busy giving our children the life we dreamt for them and we forgot that we should also look at our careers, parents and dreams. And now suddenly this realization is making you feel bad because you think you are now way behind your friends in career and financial stability but dear

I want to tell you that we have done the best and this is a process and we will keep evolving.

Now when you are comparing your life with others I want to tell you that everyone’s life is different and they cannot be compared. Life has its own pace and it goes on with it and I want to tell you that you are our hero, the kids look up to you, I find all my courage and my strength in you. You will never be bad for us, you are always going to be the one who holds this family together. The times may be difficult but this life is not you are not.



Sample 3

Hi sweetheart,

The time is bad but my husband you are not. All your life you have given the family the best and if by any case now the business is going down but dear it’s not your mistake. You have tried your level best and we all know it. 

I remember when we started we had nothing, it’s just your hard work that made us this, this house, this car, the schools, and everything is all because of you. I know the status of the business will be back because you are not someone who gives up this easily. 

I as your wife is here and will always stand by your side in any situation. I married you not because of the money but because of your enthusiasm and your will to do anything and I will do whatever I can for this.



Sample 4

Hello husband,

Its been so long that I see you stressed all the time. I dont know what’s the reason and it’s been days that I am trying to ask you about this because this tension is now spreading in this house. I miss the energy that you had, the kids miss the dad who used to play with them. 

I know life is tough, I know things change and I know its not always going to be good but you know what’s going to be there is our love, you and me, and this spirit to make the best for us and the family. The times are difficult but we are tough and we are going to fight back. I am never leaving your side and we will come out of this stronger. 



Sample 5

Hubby, my dear,

I am writing this to you because its tough to sit down and talk about it face to face. I know I have hurt you and I know I wasn’t there when you needed me. I dont know how to say this to you but I didn’t do any of it intentionally. I had never planned to do any of it. I just left that day in impulse. I know it was just a fight and every couple faces this. 

You are in this phase right now because of me. You are feeling low because of me but all I want is a chance. I want one opportunity to correct this all and if by chance you feel that I am really sorry please call me back, I want to make it easy for both of us and I want our love back, I dont think life is happier without you.

Please reply to this letter.

Regards and love

Your lovely wife


Sample 6

Hello Hubby,

In these tough times, I as your wife want to tell you that you have my unconditional support. You are not defined by your job, nor by your business, rather you are known by your kindness and compassion. You have loved me unconditionally and I just am reciprocating that. I know that the loss of your mother has made your weak and she was the most important person in your life. 

With this message I just want to tell you that our love will grow with this tough time, you will bounce back with more and more energy. There is much more success which is waiting for you and I want you to start working for. 

No times can break us, or break you. I love you.



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