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Letters to decline Project Offer: 6 Sample Templates

Letter to decline of project offer because of losing friendship risk

Dear (Name of the Friend),

I am writing this letter because I don’t have the courage to decline your offer for the new business project that you’ve offered because I don’t want to lose a friend like you. The business project that you offered me is very good and I know I will have a successful future but I am very sorry to say that I will not be able to be a part of your project. I would like to tell you that I have had very bad experiences in partnership with the past.

I can suffer the loss of money but I can’t suffer the loss of a friendship and when I know that you are the most important part of my life. I know that this message could hurt you but I want you to think about my thoughts and consider it.

The last time I suffered that loss, I was very depressed but you were the only one who stood by me and motivated me to work again. Now finally when I am in table condition after so many years. I don’t want to suffer more loss and I don’t have the courage to lose you for the stake of profits. But I can do one thing to help you with your new business project.

One of my cousins is also searching for a new business project and he is willing to invest more than me. He is one of the trustworthy people that I know. He would fit perfectly for your new project, I want you to fix a meeting with him soon.

Thank You

Yours Respectfully

(Name of the person)


A letter to Decline project offer because of the bidding process

Dear (Name of the project presenter)

I am Ceo (Name of the Ceo of the company), on the behalf of my company, I personally wanted to say sorry for saying ‘no’ to your project offer at this moment. I know you were ready and all set to work with our company, as we told you that you have won the bid for doing this project but I am sorry to say that yesterday we got know that there was one more bidder whose bid was less than your bid.

This was completely one of the employees’ fault. We have fired him for this big mistake. We apologize for the mistake and wasting your precious time with us. We value your time and approach.

With this letter i also want to convey you that we know that we cannot do anything for the losses that are caused to you because of our company but as a CEO, i want to assure that whatever our next project will be, we will not organise any bidding process and we will try to give you our first priority to do work for our company.

If in case we find it hard to negotiate with you, then we will think to organise a bidding process. We are very sorry for the inconvenience that is caused to you by our company. We hope to reconnect with you for the new project in the future.

Thank You

Yours Faithfully

(Name of the CEO)


Letter to Decline project offer due to personal reasons

Dear (Name of the boss of the company) Sir,

I am very grateful to you that you considered me worthy of the new project. This project is going to be the biggest project offer for our company. With the help of this letter, I am feeling very sorry to decline to work on this project offer because my wife is pregnant with my child and I have to take care of her every time. This project is also far from our city and I couldn’t go far from this place in this situation.

Actually, doctors have recommended me to take care of her every time as there are some complications with her pregnancy. One of her body glands is also increasing with the growth of the baby. This time is a critical time for me and my wife, there is some risk involved at the time of my baby’s birth.

I am attaching her reports with a confirmation letter from the doctor about the situation of my wife’s health. I hope you will understand and forgive me this time for not being able to be a part of the new project offer. I know this same situation also came to you when your wife was pregnant and I also know that you will understand what I am going through.

I want to thank you very much again for the consideration and on the other hand, I am feeling my heartiest sorry to you for the inconvenience that is caused because of me.

Thank You 

Yours Faithfully

(Name of the person)


Letter to Decline project offer because of not looking viable

Dear (Name of the person)

I am the general manager (Name of the general manager) sending you this letter on the behalf of our company’s board of directors that the project about robotics that showed to us is not looking viable for the future. A company always sees the profitability of the idea in the present more, the future comes always after the initiation.

The robots that you have prepared for the restaurant chain to serve the food for the customers lack very much of the things and this is an old common idea. You have to do more work innovatively and creatively to make your offer more viable.

There are some key points that we noticed and are the disadvantages of your ideas. Firstly your robots are not artificially intelligent, they need to be programmed first according to the needs which take so much time and money. Your robots look like an emotionless approach for the customers. The things which a human can do is impossible for robots. Your robots are also slow in work, they cannot run faster while maintaining stability.

Our company is a reputable firm, people trust us very much for the products that we offer that’s why we have to think very much before investing in any project offer. We are very sorry for this offer but we hope that soon you will come up with a new and viable offer. 

Thank You

Yours Sincerely 

(Name of the General manager)


Letter to Decline project offer due to economical constraint

Dear (Name of the person)

I am ( Name of the manager of the company) sending this letter on behalf of ( Name of the company) for the reply to the project offer that you have given to us. We are very delighted to see that you considered us to work with you in your project but I am feeling bad to say that all of our board of directors saw your project and they think that your project is not economical enough to approach the lower-middle-class people of our company.

They want you to do more research on the lower medium class people of our country. Your project will be viable and more economical then. For now, there is ‘no’ for this project from our company’s side. We advise you to work more on this project.

There is one happy news for you also that besides seeing every aspect of your project, our board of directors wants to fix a meeting with you for checking more details of the project. This is the best time for you to make them trust your project. You have given 1 month to fix the meeting again with our board of directors.

Till then you should rectify your mistakes and make your project offer more viable and economical. Kindly do reply to me on our company’s contact number 92180382 or you can also send us your reply to our email address [email protected].

Thank you

Yours Faithfully

(Name of the manager of the company)

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