Work Completion Letter: 5 Free Templates

When a contractor fails to complete his construction 🚧 duties in time, a complete work letter is sent to him. It is like a warning ⚠️ letter that shows the unpleasantness of the writer.

Complete Work Letter to Contractor urges the contractor to complete the work. If you are looking for ways to go about writing this letter βœ‰οΈ, a full guide has been prepared to help you out. 

What to Write in a Work Completion Letter

What are those essential details that you need to write ✍️ about in your complete work letter? Finding the answer to this question can be troublesome. The pointers below will make your work easy. 

  • Start the letter on an unpleasant πŸ˜’ note and show your dissatisfaction with the incomplete work by the contractor. It is better to hint at this aspect before discussing the details. 
  • After notifying the purpose of the letter – to complete work, start jotting down the points that have led you to write this letter. 
  • A flashback to the agreement 🀝 of the contraction should be mentioned. This will include the information related to the dates. 
  • Mention the date when the agreement of the construction was βœ’οΈ signed. Also, mention the date when it was supposed to be completed. 
  • Write the duration of the delay and connect this with the negative impact it had created on you. 
  • Give emphasis on the unprofessionality of the contractor and your πŸ˜‘ disappointment with it. 
  • Point out his duty and legal policies that have been violated due to this delay. 
  • Show serious 🧐 concern regarding the issues and write about the steps you are ready to take against this irregularity in his or her work. 
  • Make a solid urge to the addressed to complete his work as soon as ⏰ possible. 
  • Write about all those steps you are ready to take if a clear and rapid response is not received.
  • End the letter βœ‰οΈ with a serious warning to pay heed to the matter.Β 

How to Write Work Completion Letter(Tips)

These tips will highlight the tone and the flow of the letter. Writing πŸ–ŠοΈ material makes an impact when the structure of the writing falls into place. So, read these tips and get appropriate insights. 

Set the tone right at the beginning

Try to discuss the details of the construction πŸ—οΈ after you have made your intentions clear to the reader. This way, you can set the tone and purpose of the letter before highlighting the details.

Show you urgency

The letter should clearly hint at your urgency regarding the matter and how you wish the work to be completed as soon πŸ”œ as possible. 

Disappointment tone

The tone of the letter should be serious 😐 and filled with disappointment and dissatisfaction. This is very necessary to show your approach regarding the issues clearly. 

Confidence and determination

As you urge the contractor regarding the issues, do not hesitate and sound ✨ confident. The words in the letter should reflect your conviction in taking serious steps if the necessary actions are taken.

Template: 1

Work Completion Letter to Contractor

Dear Peterson,

This letter is regarding our existing contract with your company. On 3rd April 2019, we entered into a contract with your company ST&T Construction to complete the Kennedy Road Upgrade project.

Unfortunately, the work has been left unfinished by your team, with the roadside barriers not being cleaned and finished in accordance with the contract specifications.

We would appreciate it if you could organize your company’s resources, teams, and workers to complete the work by the deadline as specified in the contract, that is by October 5th, 2019. This is the second complaint letter that I had to send to you, as you are aware that your team was late with completing the work progress milestone in the month of July as well.

-complete work letter to contractor

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Template: 2

Sample Letter to Contractor to Complete Work

This type of unprofessional behavior from a company of your reputation is really unacceptable and saddening for us. You can contact me on the contact details mentioned at the end of this letter to discuss or arrange a time to talk as early as possible.

I look forward to settling this matter amicably and quickly. If, however, you choose not to undertake the rectification and finish the backlog work required by October 5th, I will be compelled to consider taking further action on this to resolve the complaint through the Department of Commerce or the Construction Disputes Tribunal.

I look forward to the timely completion of work and no further complaints from your side.

Signed by,

Mason John (Proprietor),

Amber Technologies Ltd., LA

-complete work letter to contractor

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Template: 3

Complete Work Letter to Contractor

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter on behalf of my organization to make a reminder for you, regarding our project that we have an ongoing contract with your company dated 5th July 2018, since no work has been started yet from your side and there are no developments on the project till date. 

As per your demand, and as stated in the contract, we have paid 50% of the amount asked by you in advance which was transferred earlier than the deadline you provided, and you were supposed to start the construction of our new building in at the start of this month.

All these details are clearly stated in our contract and you are fully aware of the consequences of non-compliance in this matter. 

Now 2 weeks have passed, but you have not started the work on the site. You are supposed to finish the project by the end of September as per the contract.

Kindly start working on the project as soon as possible otherwise, we will be compelled to withdraw this project from your company and hire another construction company for this project. Thank you.


Mary Jones

-complete work letter to contractor

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Template: 4

Complete Work Letter to Contractor

Dear John,

We regret to inform you that the progress of work against the ongoing construction project which our respective companies have a contract for, dated 5th August 2020, is too slow which is affecting the overall progress of the whole project and as a result, we are losing our targets. 

This was very clearly communicated to you by a previous letter from my side how important it is for our organization to finish this project by the deadline as provided in the contract, as we have an audit coming up in the very next month of your delivery date and it takes time for our team to process the outcomes forwarded by your team. I have attached a copy of that previous letter with this one. 

We do not expect such a careless attitude by a company with such a nice reputation in the market and hence it is saddening for us that it has come down to this.

It was not my only choice to send you this warning letter but if this practice continues, we will not be able to start our new project which is going to start right after the end of this project, and also the losses we will incur due to hindrance in the coming audit. It is again mentioned for your kind information that the end date of this project is October 5th, 2020 and we have to complete all exchanges before this period.

I hope you will direct this to your team and enhance the pace of work.

Thanking you,

Matt Collins

-complete work letter to contractor

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Template: 5

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

This is to bring in to your kind attention that the due date of the project completion which is December 16th, 2019, is arriving very swiftly. It has been noted with the great observance that there is still a huge amount of work pending with some of the leftover works too.

As per the contract between our organizations, this might lead to non-compliance, and you are aware of the clearly mentioned situations that may arise as a result of that.

It has also been noted that your team has not been working with adequate sources for some time. It is, therefore, the need of the hour that I issue this warning letter to you, so that you may increase your manpower or required resources to complete the pending work in time.

So I highly recommend and advise you to sort the mentioned issues as soon as possible to boost up the pace of work in accordance with the Contract Agreement between our respective organizations. Quick action in this regard is expected from your side.

Your company holds a great stature in the market and claims to be the best in terms of service and hence this is unacceptable for us to see such negligence and lack of professionalism from your team.

Also, we have informed you of this situation arising in the past by my previous letter dated 5th August 2019, a copy of which has been attached to this letter. Please acknowledge this letter with a timely and reasonable reply.

Looking forward to quick action.

Yours Sincerely,

Scott Peterson

complete work letter to contractor

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