4 Letters Asking for Donations for a Family in Need

There are certain situations in life where we don’t know what to do and are in a state of complete helplessness. This is when donations come in to picture. While you are financially broke and need help from outside sources for surviving, you can write a letter to a specific community or the nearby areas admin for donations.

The amount here is to be not something you should put a constraint on as any amount will help you. So be polite with whatever you write or demand and also open to tell people what are you going through.

Best Letters Asking for Donations for a family in need

Letters Asking for Donations for a Family in Need Sample 1

Hello Houston,

I have been staying here for the past 23 years and currently, I feel that I am in the lowest of ever states. I lost my job when my company got bankrupt and while I was looking for a different job I lost my house due to not paying EMI’s on time and hence I would say that I am a homeless man who is completely out of money as I am looking for a job since last 7  months.

I request you all to kindly donate anything you think which is not in use as I and my family can use that in our daily lives. We are currently staying in a shelter home and are in dire need of blankets, slippers, and bread and some money.

It would be a great help for us if you can contribute something in this very miser situation of ours. We know that Houston has many citizens who have philanthropy in their portfolio and we look forward to getting some help from them and you all.

I would like to thank you in advance for this very kind behavior of yours. May God bless you all.


John Baker


Letters Asking for Donations for a Family in Need Sample 2

Hello friends,

It is very unfortunate to see people in need and barely surviving with what they have. I have recently come across something which moved me beyond words and I want to do something for them for it won’t be possible without your help.

There is a  family who currently is homeless and hence two of their kids are put in foster homes and the lady and man are staying beside our district center. They have been living out in this very cold weather as they can’t afford a house as the only earner of the family, the lady lost the job due to some illness in the past.

I would request you all to come forward and donate some amount of money and also if anyone is able to offer them a shelter home for some time. Also, it would be a great help if you can give the lady some jobs as she is currently open to working in any kind of role so that they get their kids back and also can start leading a normal life. Those people were really in need of it but didn’t ask me for any help that may be out of courtesy.

Let us join hands and help the family come back to life. A small amount of money will not make any difference to us but it will change their whole life.



Letters Asking for Donations for a Family in Need Sample 3

Hello friends,

I hope you all are doing good in your personal and professional lives.

As you all know that its the festive season of the year and we all as the tradition of the community says that will donate something or some money to the people who are in need.

As a part of this exercise, I with three other members explored the city to find some people who need things and money very badly and hence we have decided to extend our support to them this year.

Hence this letter is to ask you all for some monetary donations so that they also get to celebrate this season with their families and also they can start leading a normal life. There is no constraint on how much money you are supposed to donate and also if someone is is willing to donate winter clothes will be a great help to them. Kindly find the address and the postbox number where you can submit the things and the money are written at the end of the letter.

We expect a big amount of people coming forward to donate for this noble cause. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and happy new year.


Community Secretary


Letters Asking for Donations for a Family in Need Sample 4

Hello all,

I hope that you all hale and healthy.

I am writing today to spread a word about something which moved me beyond words and I feel that with our help we can change someone’s life.

The matter is that I came across a family who has been suffering for the last 4 years and this time something really painful has happened. They have recently come across a very particular medical condition of their youngest daughter and the doctor has said that to cure this, an operation is required which will cost them almost $6000.

They are a middle-class family and have exhausted a limit of medical insurance provided to them and now are on a stage of losing their daughter to the disease. As we all know that the amount is not small that one person can donate hence I have come forward with a proposal to do a collective donation of any amount which is feasible for us and spread a word about this in our personal and professional network so that we can collect the money and give it to them so that they get the girl operated as soon as possible.

I request you all to give this a thought and if you feel that you can help them in any way then please get in touch on the number written in the end and also you can directly contact the family in the address provided below.

I know we as a society have not lost our humanity and will definitely be able to help the girl and the family.

Phone – 123456789

Address – 123, 3rd street, Friendly Colony, Houston




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