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A Letter to wish wedding anniversary to Friend

Trust, love, commitment and mutual understanding are the key to a successful marriage. Your completion of [5] years of marriage is a remarkable achievement, and you have both been such wonderful examples of kindness and consideration.

Dear [Name of your friend],

I send this letter wishing you a lot of love and happiness for your wedding anniversary. There are [5] years of happy marriage with your husband and it’s admirable for both. I know you have to overcome many problems to keep your relationship happy at every step and even though sometimes things seem to be impossible to solve, but you have finally gone ahead together and you’re a happy married couple now. I’m very happy for you.

Even though both of you have made so many mistakes but your love for each other have never changed and actually it became stronger than in the beginning. I’m sure you and your husband spent wonderful moments together and that’s why you keep your relationship all these years. You both are perfect couple goals, examples for a newlywed couple. Sometimes we forget that magic is always in small gestures. Make every day magical for the rest of your life. Lots of love to both of you may you continue to inspire us all. 

Congratulations for your wedding anniversary one more time dear friend. The love between you and your husband will never end.

I love you so much!

Yours Loving,

[Your Name],

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