A Letter to wish Retirement Anniversary to Wife

Anniversary A Letter to wish Retirement Anniversary to Wife

A Letter to wish Retirement Anniversary to Wife

Retirement opens up new avenue to freedom and relaxation. There are no tight schedules and no more hustle and bustle. Send a small message to your partner to congratulate on her retirement.

Dear [Name of Wife],

 On this big day, I am so happy for you that you can relax with me and sip a coffee without running behind strict timelines. All these years you worked so hard to maintain the perfect work-life balance. Your hard work and dedication has finally brought colours and it’s the time to relax. On this beautiful day, I pray for your good health and peace of mind. Enjoy the start of another important phase of your life.

I would not have lived life so peacefully without your love, care, prayers and support. You have always been so patient and persistent in strengthening our family bond. I am so proud of you that the way you set example for our children, similarly you are praised and recognized at work for your hard work and dedication. Well retirement is not the end of everything. It is a start of a new phase to explore things you always wanted to do, pursue your dreams and aspirations and start a new hobby. Of course adding to the bucket list is cooking a hell lot of dishes for us in which you have expertise.

My darling, welcome to a serene and peaceful life. I am wishing you the most enlivening retirement ever with lots of love.

Yours lovingly,

[Name of Sender]

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