A Letter to Wish 50th Marriage Anniversary to Uncle

Dearest Uncle,

I am on super excited and was waiting for this special day to wish you a 50th happy marriage anniversary. You both have achieved an important milestone together by staying loyal and committed to each other for 50 long years . I still remember the day of your marriage when I was a small kid and the celebrations that were at home on the lovely day and the sense of excitement in your face to start a new journey. This journey has been a roller coaster ride for you and aunt and you have supported each other in good and bad moments of life.

These days in the ever changing world, it is hard to find true love and your relationship is a perfect example of how dedicated, loyal, faithful and compassionate one should be towards our life partner. I wish you both stay happy and content for many more decades to come and live till eternity and die in each other’s arms. You have always been a romantic inspiration to me of how one should shape his married life. All these years, you have enjoyed and lived good and bad phases and now is the time to celebrate this togetherness. I have planned a grand party next week for celebrating this half century. Sorry I could not be with you today due to work commitments. I am coming soon so that we can play chess together.

Congratulations again to my handsome uncle. 

Your loving niece,

(Your name)

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