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A Letter to wish Job Anniversary to Daughter

It is proud moment to find your daughter being successful in her career. It is the best time to congratulate her for her hard work and sincerity. Parents are the best supports in a daughter’s life and when the appreciation comes from them, life becomes happier.

A Letter to wish Job Anniversary to Daughter

Dear lovely [name of daughter],

Congratulations on your [5]th Job anniversary!

I am proud of you for all the contributions that you afforded to make your company progress. In a short period of time, you have already achieved so much with your hard work and great talent. You are an excellent person, colleague and employee who came along with her talents and commitment on this day. You have already reached this milestone in your career with [company name] and you are the pride of the company and our family. Every company’s future is brighter if they have employees like you as your contributions and commitment to the work is unparallel. I am sure that everybody at work is lucky to have you. 

Even, having a daughter or a princess like you at home brings so much joy to the parents and family. You always try to keep us very happy by doing outstanding work and achieving big goals in life. You have always been a special and talented girl. You really deserve hearty congratulations and appreciation for your hard work & success. 

You are a gem that will always shine. My sweet angel, I think words are not enough to thank you for everything that you have done so far for everyone. 

We are proud of you and  wish you a very bright future. Best of luck for the next step.

We love you! 

Your truly,

Mom/ Dad

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