A Letter to wish Engagement Anniversary to Husband

Engagement anniversary celebration exhibits how much a person respects and loves their other half and wants to continue a charming and delightful love journey till demise does them apart.

Dear [name of husband],

Happy engagement anniversary to my man! This day is pretty special occasion for married people like us, as at this annual event a couple commemorates their love with lots of jubilation.

The festivity of our engagement anniversary will last for one day only but the celebration of togetherness keep going for the rest of your lifetime and further on that. Engagement of you and me is bliss equals to a thousand years of experiencing the all other amusement of being living.

I have been blessed with this magnificent courtship because you make it so uncomplicated and you have been nothing but best. Despite the several ups and downs you didn’t stop loving me no matter what circumstances it was and it’s the best part of our love life which I adore and respect the most.

I have loved you from the day I met you. Really I am thankful to you to choose me. The sweetest part is I have got you always by my side. I’m too much obligated to you. A ring in my finger has changed my life. I want to see ourselves that we growing old together remembering the happy past.

How lucky anyone could be by having you by my side always and forever. Hugs and kisses to my die-hard romantic better half. 

Much Love.

Yours Lovingly

(Sender name)

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