A Letter to wish Birth Anniversary to Son-in-law

Birth anniversary makes everyone gleeful and when it comes to the matter of your son-in-law’s birthday you can’t keep your cool to commemorate it. You have been waiting impatiently to pour in all your love and affection to beloved son-n-law on his birthday. 

A Letter to wish Birth Anniversary to Son-in-law

My Dear [name of son-in-law],

Happy Birthday to the most stunning and cool son-in-law! We are thankful to your parents too for welcoming you into the world on this very day and eventually you made us proud. For our daughter we couldn’t have asked for a better husband for our daughter. It was not only my daughter who fell in love with you at first sight but we as well.

You are not only a great husband but a wonderful son and father too. In fact you are such a good human being that we are blessed to have you in the family. As we have always wanted the best for our daughter and guess what happened? My child has got the world’s best husband.

We are so obliged that you became a part of our family. The day you tied the knot with our daughter was the best day of our lives. Undeniably you are just awesome. You have shown us huge respect and love to us which make us think that we really don’t need to add on the word in-law after son. 

We just wanted our daughter’s gaiety but you ensured the merriment for entire family. Our daughter and you are just a flawless match. I didn’t give birth to you but to me you are like a son.  I can’t put it into words that how much I adore you. Without your presence our life would be incomplete.

 Take love.

Yours lovingly

(Your name)

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