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Letter to wish 50th Marriage Anniversary to Sister: 4 Templates

Dear (Sister’s name)

Anniversary is the time to bring back the memories of the day when two people tied the knot to begin a new journey. Love brought you together as husband and wife and gave each of you a best friend forever. I feel so happy to be able to wish you on your special day. The most awaited day has come. Though it’s your 50th marriage anniversary but you both are still young by your heart.

Hearts that love deeply can never grow old. On your golden jubilee wedding anniversary I wish a healthy and happy life ahead. 

Happy Golden jubilee wedding anniversary wishes to the ideal couple I have ever seen. Many good wishes to celebrate this day and good luck for another fifty years that come your way. The glorious fifty years that you have spent together, the joys and sorrows you have faced together is really commendable.

Today is the day of dream come true, love and togetherness and memories of past and trust and companionship. Your love dedication and contribution to one another is truly an inspiration to all of us. 

May every memory that you share of dreams you have seen come true, help make this special golden day a happy one for you. May your beautiful and admirable bond be highly blessed and your love grows stronger. Stay happy and blessed always.

Yours loving

(My Name)

A Letter to wish 50th Marriage Anniversary to Sister

Dear [Sister’s name]

Wishing you and your husband a very happy 50th marriage anniversary. Spending 50 years with a partner whom you have always loved so much is so special. This is something, which is always worth celebrating. It is said 50th year is the Golden Jubilee year but I say, together, both of you have made all these 50 years golden years. Together you had your ups and downs but you never faltered. Together you faced all your challenges hand in hand and never ever let hardships break your honey sweet bonding. I am so elated for getting the opportunity to wish on this so auspicious day. Not everybody gets this chance to wish their sister on her 50th marriage anniversary.

On this day, memories of your wedding day comeback fresh to my mind. It is as if it happened yesterday and I can see you in your wedding gown. I feel so happy today that I am running short of words now.

Every memory that you share makes you such an amazing couple. You two are a beam of inspiration for all of us. A beautiful daughter, a handsome son, a picturesque house, two desirable careers, and a marvelous family – seems life has given both of you the perfect gift. A gift that only the most fortunate of couples are showered with.

May God keep showering his blessings on you and your family. Wish you a love filled life forever and ever.

Yours loving.

[My Name]

A Letter To Wish 50th Marriage Anniversary To Sister

Dear [Sister’s name]

I would like to take the opportunity to wish you on your 50th marriage anniversary. 50 years means half a century, it is like achieving a celebratory milestone. A golden milestone, not just in your life, but, mine too, being able to be a part of this occasion. You have been an inspiration to all the married couples around. Your loyalty to each other has been a model for everybody. It was love that brought both of you together as wife and husband.

I feel honored for getting the chance to wish you on this grand and auspicious day of your life. Though the journey has been of 50 years but you two still look like the young chirpy love birds. 

 I being your sibling have always taken pride for both of you. Today too I take the pride for getting the chance to wish you on your 50th marriage anniversary. 50 years of love, trust, companionship, compatibility, complementing each other has made your bond stronger and stronger.

You and my beloved brother-in-law are the best of friends that I have ever seen. I wish this friendship, this love keeps shinning as gold forever.

I wish you both my heartiest good wishes as you celebrate this golden day. I wish you celebrate 50 more years just as this way.  You two had been the most romantic couple I have ever seen. May God keep your love and romance shinning forever.

Yours loving.

[My Name]

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