A Letter to Wish Wedding Anniversary to Uncle

Marriage is all about lifetime celebration and togetherness. The Anniversary day is to count on the lovely moments that every couple has been through. The day to celebrate happiness, joys, sorrows, dreams, aspirations of a happy married life. You can send a hearty message to people to congratulate them on this special day.

A Letter to Wish Wedding Anniversary to Uncle

Dear [Uncle],

I am on cloud nine and always wait for this special day to wish you a happy wedding anniversary. I have watched you and aunt for past years and have been continuously touched by the paramount love and respect that you both have for one another. Although no gift can tolerably express my admiration for the kind of family you both have been, here is an assortment of few words through this letter which will depict my love for both of you on this very special day. 

These days it is hard to find true and you and aunt are a perfect example of how dedicated, loyal, faithful and compassionate we should be towards our partner for life. The way you handle situations during tough times and the unending support that you give to aunt has always been the pillar of your strong relationship and this day is a reminder to the lifelong commitment of you both.

I pray to God that your bond grows stronger day by day and you both live till eternity and die in each other’s arms. I know you have lots of plans and surprises planned for this day each other. This amazes me after so many years; you still have the romantic inspiration to make aunt feel special. 

My words always fall short to describe the love you both have. Congratulations my love birds, lots of love and hugs on this special day.

Yours lovingly,

[Name of Sender]

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