A Letter to wish Wedding Anniversary to Granddaughter

Dear (name of Grand Daughter),

I feel so happy to be able to wish my granddaughter on her special day. I am wishing a joyful wedding anniversary to the beautiful couple and many more years to come. I eternally wish that your life to be filled with happiness, success and achievements.

You both are the definition of a perfect couple. I am very thankful to you for adding such a lovely person in our family. I really can’t express how much happy I am to see how much you both are taking care of each other. You complement each other so nicely. I feel so lucky and overwhelmed to be a part of this day. Always remember that it takes effort for two people to have a good relationship. I pray that you two will always be able to share the joys and sorrows of life in a positive way. Enjoy your day with full of blessings and good wishes. 

Not only today I wish that your everyday be filled with happiness and prosperities. May your bond be the best bond. I wish you move forward together on the path of life and make it divine.

Yours loving 

(Your name)

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