Uncomfortable Vehicles Complaint Letter to Travel Agency

Trips are all about unwinding, about relaxing our body and mind. We take the time out of our busy schedules, argue with our boss to get that much-awaited leave and go on a trip. But when your travel agency provides less than acceptable services it becomes a cause of dissatisfaction for us.

For example, if the vehicle provided for your travel is uncomfortable then it shall surely ruin your entire trip. To file a complaint about it follow our templates.

Template: 1


The Manager

(Company Name)

I would like to inform you that your travel agency organized a tour last week for (place’s name) and I was one of the passengers. Here is my details, my name is (your name), age is (xx), (mobile no), seat no. (xx). I want to let you know that the vehicle you have provided for passengers was very uncomfortable.

The seats were very hard and the spaces between two seats were too small that we couldn’t even move properly. It is difficult to travel a long distance with such discomfort. I am not at all satisfied with your foodservice.

I think other passengers also felt the same. I traveled with your company for the first time and my experience was very bad and dissatisfying. If it will be like this then I have to think twice before traveling with your agency.

I know your company is providing services. So your main objective should be how to satisfy the customers by providing good services.  We have no problem in spending money but as a customer, we want proper services.

I hope that I will not be disappointed in the future. I think maybe your company didn’t do this intentionally. I hope that your company will pay attention to this and will provide better services in future.  

I would be very grateful if you would take this matter seriously and do the needful.

Thanking you

(Customer’s name)

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