Letter to wish 50th marriage anniversary to aunt- Sample Template

Dearest Aunt,

It takes 50 years to turn a wedding into gold, I want to keep this warmth and never be cold. Happy Golden Anniversary to you. God bless you with endless blessings forever.

I remember how young, beautiful and happy you were when I was a kid. You know that nothing has changed since then. You are the one to be loved. Wishing you a happy and fulfilling day. I wish you many more anniversaries. Fifty golden years are full of sharing, love and some worries together, but these ingredients are a must, congratulations.

Both of you are wonderful examples of perseverance, faith, love, joy, devotion and success. Proud to know both of you. Years come and years go by, but your commitment and love for someone will always be with you. Times may have changed, but your love remains a test of time. Glad to know a lovely couple like you. Enjoy your perfect day together. May God pour out on you and eternal love and fill your life with blessings and joy. 

Your anniversary will be happy and glorious for the people who love and understand their beloved aunt.  Have a beautiful day and life.  Here is the wonderful milestone of 50 years of a successful marriage. You may have another 50 years. Greetings to you on this beautiful day, I believe there is more love within you two than the air in the universe. You are an inspiring personality to me and others. 

Yours Loving,

[Sender name]

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