Reprimand Letter for Employee – 5 Sample Templates

Discipline and decency are two main things that we look in an employee and if they lack that, you as an employer have to tell them that they have to follow the routine, discipline, and decorum of the organization. On every fortnight or monthly make sure you gather your team and talk about how people can enhance their professionalism.

One of the major things you need to convey that people should reach the office on time and not be absent very often because that disturbs the whole team and the project is a collective responsibility.

Letter to Reprimand Employee

Letter to Reprimand Employee Sample 1

Hello Ron,

I hope you are doing good and things are going well in your life outside the work premises. It has been a regular complaint from your manager and hence I am writing to you today.

It has been observed that in the last month you have taken more than 10 leaves and on the rest of your days, you have reached the office late. This is a very irresponsible act and we dont allow such things in our organization. Though as this is the first time we are warning you and if there is something which you think you should tell us do reach out to me.

Poor attendance hinders the project deadline and as the project is a collective responsibility your team has to suffer. I would like to say that if you are planning to take leave make sure you inform your manager and team in advance and also avoid coming late.

Manager(Human Resouce)


Letter to Reprimand Employee Sample 2

Hello Katie,

It has been a very hectic year for all of us as we are in expansion mode. With the three new branches in North America, we have now become the second-biggest supplier of Network connectivity material.

Something which bothers me all through this is your attendance record because it has been a lot of inconsistency there. Your time for the month is running 10 hours delayed and also you have taken more than expected leaves. You are one of the most trusted employees here and hence before taking any action, I would like to talk to you one.

It is necessary for me to tell you that though we have flexible working hours we cannot afford  loosing out on important clients whom you are responsible for. You have been handling 3 very big clients for us but with regular absence, it has been difficult for us to maintain a proper communication channel with the.  Kindly be regular and meet me after office hours today.

Client success team


Letter to Reprimand Employee Sample 3

Hello Anderson,

It is great to know that you have finally started what you always said is your hobby. The expedition is good for health and refreshing mind but I am a little worried about your commitments inside office and irregularities which have been in focus for quite some time.

While reviewing the attendance of employees for the last quarter, it has come in my notice that you have been on leave for 200 days and have come late for almost the whole of last month. This is very upsetting for me because this attitude of your os also demotivating your team who have also taken the same route as of yours.

This attitude is doing a lot of harm to us, to the team and to the whole organization because with late comings increasing we are missing the decorum of the office. The deadlines have been pushed and 3 of the clients have already reported miscommunication or no updates from our side.

This is your first and last warning, kindly men your ways and start coming to office on time and plan your leaves so that no one faces burden unnecessarily.



Letter to Reprimand Employee Sample 4

Dear Thomas,

We are really happy that you have joined us in the last quarter and with your skills we have also given you an opportunity to work on a very sensitive live project. I must tell you that this is very unusual for a big organization gives chance to a rookie in the very first job.

I would like to say that your attendance has disappointed the whole team and the regular late entries are making us all question our decision of putting you in a project which is so critical for us.

You must understand that this is your time to prove worth and hence it is high time that you start coming to the office on time and give enough attention to the project. As this is your very first job no disciplinary action will be taken against you but this will not be tolerated next time onwards.

Wishing you all the best for the future.

Best Wishes


Letter to Reprimand Employee Sample 5

Hello Samatha,

It is a pleasure for us to have you in our team and you have performed a lot better in the previous quarter and hence I thought it will be nice if I talk to you before reporting the attendance issue to the senior authorities.

I see a huge red patch in your attendance sheet on our server. I would like to know if this is a system fault or you have been on leave for so many days because there are no such requests from your side. These irregularities have some way or other affected the projects you were actively working on.

I would like to tell you that these irregularities have side-effects on your promotion and the appraisal which is very near. I would like you to meet me in person so that we can help you in any way or else if this continues disciplinary actions will be taken against you for this breach of our policy.



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