Sample Letter to Parents from Teacher About Student Progress

It is very important for parents to know the progress of their wards in schools, and hence the teachers regularly write to the parents or meet them in the parent-teacher association. The major reason is that there should be holistic growth of the students, which includes the equal contribution of the teachers and the parents.

These letters are casual in nature, and it tells about the specific strengths and weaknesses of the students and how do you think should they work to do better.

Letters to Parents from Teachers about Progress

Letter Template: 1


Whatmore, Mrs. John Smith, NY 

Regarded Sir, 

I am the class instructor of your child David Smith, NY, open secondary school. Sir, I am composing this letter to educate you about the advancement report of your child.

He has been constantly a generally excellent understudy of our school, he has consistently scored great stamps, yet I am seeing a change in his conduct from a month ago; he isn’t focusing on examines, he isn’t getting his work done day by day, he, for the most part, sits unobtrusively, he isn’t conversing with his companions also.

It’s anything but a decent sign for us as it can harm his emotional well-being and can ruin his exams which are coming soon too.

In the event that you individuals are having any issue at home, then please attempt to determine it as it is harming your child gravely, we are truly worried about him and you as well, so please contemplate upon my letter. Much appreciated 


Henry marks (Teacher)

Government middle school, Texas

letters to parents from teachers about progress

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Letter Template: 2

Dear Parents, 

I have evaluated your kid’s presence in the most recent year’s yearly assessment and feel that he needs a little consideration at home. His arithmetic and science subjects are working out in a good way, and he has likewise scored product stamps in them, yet he has a few challenges in the writing subjects.

He isn’t checking out writing as he feels an excess of exhaust. Regardless of whether he feels them exhausting these subjects is important in the educational plan.

To improve his presentation, the guardians should center to build up his enthusiasm for these subjects. You need to urge him to peruse various books and books to improve his comprehension. 


letters to parents from teachers about progress

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Letter Template: 3

Regarded Parents, 

It has gone to our notification that your child Tom Hanks isn’t looking into his investigations steadily, and the aftereffect of late assessments is the confirmation of his decrease.

The organization of the school has extraordinary reservations over the low reviewing of your child as he is constantly viewed as one of the top understudies in our school. 

You are proposed to visit the school at your most suitable time and talk about the said issue in detail with the instructors of your child, so he could be brought to a position where you need to see him. The school organization consistently makes progress toward the better eventual fate of your kid. 

Saying thanks to you, 

Anton Chekhov (Student Counselor and Teacher), 

St. Patricks school

letters to parents from teachers about progress

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Letter Template: 4

Dear Parents, 

I am writing to inform you about your ward’s performance in the last 3 co-curricular activities, which have been great. He was awarded the best orator, and we are really proud of his achievement. The growth graph of your ward is really amazing.

He has excellent vocabulary skills, and hence we are planning to send him to the next spell bee competition whenever it happens in New York, and I hope you have no objections to this.

You just visit the school and meet his teachers because you will be the proudest parents to hear all the good things about Patrick. He has been constantly growing in his subjects, and there is a major switch in his choices.

He now has become analytical and enjoys physics classes the most. We are glad that he is part of our school and will definitely want to see him int the top.


Jenny Cloony

Instructor and Section Head, 

letters to parents from teachers about progress

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Letter Template: 5

Dear Parents, 

My name is Ms. Jones, and your little girl joined my brain research class this semester. I am anticipating an energizing year. My objective is to furnish all understudies with an instructively testing yet fun involvement with my study hall. 

Brain research is an exceptionally requesting course. We will cover 19 sections in 18 weeks. There will be schoolwork assignments practically day by day.

Every understudy will require a solitary subject scratchpad, a pocket envelope, blue or dark pens, and pencils. These materials ought to be brought to class each day. We spread a great deal of material in one class period, so storage passes won’t be given. 

Ideally, your girl has brought home their course prospectus, and you have both perused and marked the scheduled contract.

I have composed this agreement to guarantee that both the understudies and their folks see how this course will run. In the event that you have any inquiries with respect to the prospectus or the course, if it’s not too much trouble, get in touch with me. 

I have incredibly elevated standards for every one of my understudies, and for that, I won’t apologize. I am requesting your assistance to keep up those desires by checking with your girl intermittently to ensure that her work is being finished.

I am accessible to help understudies independently before school, during my prep periods, and after school.

I have incorporated a duplicate of the course schedule with this letter. On the off chance that you might want me to inform you of test dates and update you on your child/little girl’s advancement, if it’s not too much trouble, round out and return the email structure included with this letter. Meet me ASAP.

Much thanks to you,

letters to parents from teachers about progress

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