Letter to My Son: 8 Templates and Emails

Template: 1

Letter to My Son

My dear [mention your son’s name],

As a father, I am concerned about your health and career. You are the focus of my life. I want to see you grow into a successful and responsible young gentleman one day. I want you to go for whichever you opt for. It is entirely up to you. I cannot thrust my plans or thoughts on you.  You are an individual and it will make me happy if you come out with original thoughts. Though I am a [mention your profession] by profession, I cannot actually force or compel you to become the same.

I would rather advise you to follow your thought and do something unique to make a difference in the world. Right now, you are in the school hostel and within a few years, you will be stepping into a far more challenging world. You will come across some important life lessons. You must actually take it seriously. You must prepare yourself for such challenges. 

Do whatever best you can to improve your grades in the exams. But never try anything immoral and stay away from the students who are not doing well in their studies and not following the rules and regulations of the institution.

You must discuss your academic subjects with your respective teachers and ask for guidance for improvement. 

Try to wake up early every day and pray to God and make sure to pray before going to bed. You must thank God every time. This is the way you can be happy. 

At the same time, do not think that you are alone in this world. As a father, I will be always there blessing you and saving you from dangers and difficulties.

Your loving Father

letter to my son

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Template: 2

A Letter to My Son

My dearest son [mention your son’s name],

You are the precious gift for your mother and me from God.  I got married to your mother as I was madly in love with your mother. I cannot really explain in words the happiness I had when I had you in my arms for the first time in the hospital. Your paternal grandfather held you in his arms while stepping into the house. Everyone in the family was rejoicing at your birth and trying to find a chance to take you in arms. 

You were crying very much at that moment. But whenever you were going into your mother’s arms, you used to stop crying. You were gifted with toys, cakes, and ice creams on the day. But then since you were a few days old infants, you could not eat those things. You were very small to play with the toys even.

But I thanked everyone for whatever they did for you. [Mention your son’s name] have been a source of happiness when you were small and now when you are growing up. The Principal and teachers of your school are pleased with your performance in academics and also co-curricular activities. As your exams are nearing, I want you to be focused on your studies, become topper in your school, and achieve a scholarship.

Though I am not a religious person I have always adopted the path of morality. And so I want you to do so. God will be definitely beside you and help you. 

Don’t worry! My blessings are always with you!


Yours loving Dad

a letter to my son

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Template: 3

Emotional Letter to My Son

My dearest son [mention your son’s name],

The moment of your birth will be always an unforgettable event in my life. It was on [mention your son’s birthday]. It happened [mention the number of years] years ago. But it seems that it happened just a day ago. I became a dad for the first time and then the rest of your siblings followed. But you being the eldest, you had always been darling to me. You always made me happy in every situation of my life. But to confess you the truth, it was quite challenging enough to raise you.

Your mother and I could not have done anything without the support of your paternal and maternal grandparents. I had lost my job at the time you were born. All the expenses were taken care of by your paternal grandfather who is no more now in this world. You must actually be thankful to him. You were very small; you needed attention every moment with baby food, clothing, towel, and other accessories necessary for the baby’s healthy growth.

We could not afford a nanny to look after you. I used to attend to you every moment for continuously 6 months. After you had started crawling, I got a job with a lucrative salary package in a reputed company. I thanked God for it and also I considered that it was your presence in my life that has done this miracle.  I never had to look back then.

Dear [mention your son’s name], you will always remain an inspiration in my life. I got my life’s lessons ever since you came to this world and came into my arms. 

My blessings will follow you for whatever you do and wherever you go!


Yours loving Dad

emotional letter to my son

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Template: 4

Proud Parent Letter to Son

Dearest son [mention your son],

As you will be leaving your mom and me for your higher studies within a day or two, I am feeling a little sad but happy at the same time. Because I want you to follow your dreams and become what you want to be and make both of us proud. Ever since the day you were born, I had decided that you must be given the freedom to choose your path and so you did in every step. 

I just cannot explain in words the way I had rejoiced at your birth. As an infant, you were a beautiful little angel. You hardly cried. Rather, you always gave a smile and that brought light to an entire house. I tried to raise you in the best possible way with whatever I could earn and invest for you. But I always noticed that you never actually complained about anything. You adjusted in every situation with a smile.

I just remember the day when you had actually won the interschool baseball championship by defeating the baseball team of another school. You got awarded for your wonderful performance and captaincy. I was simply overjoyed and amazed at your victory because no one in my family had actually played baseball.

I hope you will continue in the same way when you will be studying at your college. I pray that you will continue with the same lively energy as you have always done and make the whole country proud of you. 

Before you will be leaving us for higher studies, let us enjoy every moment of it. Both of us will be missing you when you will be leaving us. I can also understand that it will be bit difficult for you to adjust without us. But I am sure that you will be finding good friends who will be supporting you. I am hopeful about it and I pray for it.

Tears are rolling down from your mom and my eyes as well. But blessings from your mother and I are always with you. I pray for your prosperity and everlasting happiness. 

From Your Loving Father

proud parent letter to son

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Template: 5

Letter to My Son from Mother

My Dearest Son,

You had filled up our world with happiness when you came in to this world in the early spring time. It was early morning you were born and brought light in to small world of ours just like the early morning son. Tears rolled down my cheeks as the doctor had informed me about your birth and I could hear your first cry. Before you were born, I had been consistently praying for a child like you. Your father and I had been childless for nearly [mention the years] years.

It was almost every day I used to cry for a baby. Your father, my husband had tried with all the doctors in the state. But nothing actually worked.  The chances were hardly there for me for becoming a mother. I never thought that God was actually testing me. He answered my answers by giving me a wonderful baby like you. 

You were a chubby little one. You were always playful baby. But you had done a lot of naughty things in your growing years.  It was your father and I tackling the complaints from the neighbors and the teachers for your naughty activities. 

But now you are [mention the age] years old, you have changed a lot over the years. You have become a responsible young man. Everyone is appreciating you for your behavior and conduct in the college and social circle. I am happy for what you are today. 

I wish you all the best for your life. May success follow you everywhere!

God bless you!


Yours loving Mom

letter to my son from mother

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Template: 6

Letter to My Grown Son

My darling son [mention your son’s name],

Congratulations! Your selection in [mention the name of college] has actually made me happy. You deserved it actually. I have been praying for you to get selected for the best college and study the subject of your choice. It is indeed time for celebration for you and every one of us in the family. It seems that our hard work has been paid off and God has answered our prayers. But still, there is a long way to go.

You are in the last year of teens and from the next year you will be in the twenties and you will be coming close to new challenges in life. It is a matter of big surprise for me to see a young man is sitting in front of me who had born as an infant nearly [ mention the number of years] years ago.

Raising you was not difficult for me like other mothers who really had hard time understanding the needs of their children. But you never let me struggle much. 

Now, you will be staying on your own in the hostel, you will be experiencing new things ahead. You cannot expect everyone to love and support you.  You will come across many people who will be sweet in their behavior but may carry bitterness in their hearts.

They are the real opportunists. You must be actually cautious of them. Do not get carried by anyone’s sweet behavior. 

Remember to focus on your career and do not feel discouraged at any moment. Your father and I are always there for you!

Wish you the best of Luck!

From your loving mother

letter to my grown son

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Template: 7

Emotional Letter to Son from Mom

Dearest Son,

I just need to say to your Mom that you were the best thing to happen in my life. I cannot describe in words how much I love you. I have tried to portray my feelings for you in every possible way by feeding and nursing you, playing with you, and bringing you the toys from the best toy store. I had always cooked the best things for you. This is how I have tried to love you and I always wanted you to achieve your best in school, be it in academics or in sports. This is what every mom wants like I did for you. 

I admit my mistakes also. Sometimes, I could not attend to you properly. I had been working for 12 hours in an office and being a working woman, it had been quite challenging for me to call you from the office and attend to your needs. At that point of time, your father used to be there to take care of you. But your father often informed me about how inconsolable you were and how you actually missed me.

I cannot also explain how much difficulty I had to face every day by going away from you and doing my own office work. I kept on worrying about what will I eat and how will you finish assignments given by the school.  

Today, I just cannot believe my eyes as I see you grow up into a responsible young gentleman. You have become more understanding than before. It’s amazing to see that you do not have any grudges against a careless mother like me. I am thankful to God for helping me to get what I wanted to.

I am grateful to husband, your father for raising you and inculcating the values of love and respect within you for me.  Life is quite unpredictable. I may not be there. But my blessings will be always there for you! I love you truly, dear son.

From Yours

Loving Mother

emotional letter to son from mom

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Template: 8

Sample Letter to A Son from A Mother

Dearest Son [mention your son’s name],

Since we had altogether celebrated your [ mention your son’s ]th birthday yesterday, I thought of writing down a letter to you. It is because it becomes easy for me to convey my feelings for near and dear ones through written messages. Above all, you are the closest to my heart. You are only gem of my heart and the crown of our house. I had always wanted you to follow the path of your father. 

It is because he had been always following the path of honesty and morality and that is what God always wants us to do. Moreover, your father is a self-made person. He actually did what he always wanted to be with his own efforts. I met him during my college days and I decided to select him as a life partner. I just thought that he is perfect for me after seeing his diligence, sincerity, and polite behavior. 

I very well know that you have the same traits as your father. You love to read books related to science and technology and also love to play tennis as your father used to do. You can surely fulfill your ambitions and my blessings are always with you. 

But I must also alert you of a few things. You must take care of your health wherever you go for pursuing your career. You must stay away from any processed food and caffeinated drinks. If you want then I can arrange a dietician for you. He or she will be able to guide you to choose the right food for you. You must also be cautious of the people you will be meeting in your life. 

As a mom, as a friend, and a guide, I am always there for you!

God Bless You and help you find your happiness!

From Your loving mom

sample letter to a son from a mother

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