Letter to My Dad: 4 Heartfelt Templates and Emails

Template: 1

Letter to My Dad

 My dearest Dad,

It’s been over [mention number of years] years, you have departed from this world and my own world became actually vacant. Tears do not stop rolling down whenever I think of your departure from this world. It was in the morning when I received the phone call from my mother about your passing away, dad. I had almost fainted. It was then my husband comforted me. 

I just regretted not going to meet last Christmas. It was indeed the last Christmas in my mother’s house. Ever since then my mother stopped celebrating Christmas in her house. Whenever I visit your house, I feel your aura everywhere. Especially, the study room where you used to spend evening hours and weekends studying detective novels and different adventure stories.  Dad, you were indeed a delight for everyone.

You were an interesting storyteller. I remember those school days of mine when my friends visited you and met you during the weekend. They sat for hours and listened to the stories shared by you. Dad, I liked your style of lighting cigars. The cigar case, lighter, and ashtray have been kept as it is. Nothing has changed in your study room. 

Dad, I am thankful to you for bringing me to this world and encouraging me to grow as an independent woman. You inspired me to differentiate between right and wrong and make my own choices. I am happy for what I am today. It is because of you. I owe to you. 

My salute goes up to you in Heaven!

May you reign in peace in your heavenly abode.

With lots of love,

From Yours Darling Daughter,

[Mention your name]

letter to my dad

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Template: 2

I Miss You Dad Letter from Daughter 

My Darling Dad,

I just cannot explain what I went through when I saw you taking your last breath in the hospital [mention the number of years] years ago. The entire world went upside down for me. I saw my mother and little brother crying. He had lost his father at such an early age. He had not even finished his High School Diploma at that point in time.

It was quite a challenging task to counsel a young teenager. I was just married then. The struggle had just begun for all of us. Everything was not actually easy for us.  I had to shuttle between my husband’s place and your house, dad, to take care of my mother and my younger brother. But I could feel your presence every moment to give me strength to bear the grief of departing you and taking charge of the responsibilities of life. 

I know that from higher above, you are always blessing us and helping us to meet the challenges of life and expand the family. I just wanted to share the good news that my brother had graduated with an engineering degree and working in a reputed company and getting married next month to a lovely, educated, and cultured girl.

It is also a matter of surprise for all of us to find my son who is your grandson and has actually inherited your features and habits.

He came to this world when you were no more. I really regret my son who did not meet his maternal grandfather. Dad, I do believe that you too might be regretting not being able to meet and play with your grandson. 

Dad, you were my best friend then and so still you are the best friend for me.

With love and regards,

From Your Daughter,

[Mention your name]

i miss you dad letter from daughter

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Template: 3

Emotional Letter from Father to Son

Dear Son [mention your son], 

It was a beautiful journey that I had set for with your mother by exchanging rings with each other on the wedding day and after a year and half; you came into this world and filled our lives with happiness. I just cannot explain the state of mind I had at that point of time when I had actually taken you in my arms. You had actually stopped crying then, I saw your smile for the first time and I feel that even as an infant you recognized me as your dad. 

Your mother was too scared of holding you in her arms. You were so tiny, very delicate, and lighter than any cotton ball. You were actually a happy and playful baby. You never actually gave your mother hard time understanding you in the first twelve months. But after that I found you growing into a restless and naughty kid. 

Your mother had started yelling at you when you did not finish your breakfast and went off to play. You had started skipping meals even in school. It was a matter of concern for both of us. We actually could not understand what was going wrong with you.

Finally with the support of a pediatrician, we could take care of your physical and mental health in a better way. Within a few months, you will be clearing your high school diploma and leaving us for your higher studies.

You will be beginning a life of your own by staying in hostel with other roommates.  You will be meeting new people and coming across new experiences. You should be taking lessons from every moment. Remember, you will be happy when you will not expect anything from anyone. 

You will be leaving us within a few months for your higher studies. It will be tough for both of us to adjust to the new normal of staying away from you. But we are also happy about the amazing progress that you are making in your life with scholarship studies. 

Both of us wish you all the best in your life!

God Bless You!

With lots of love and care 

From Your Dad

emotional letter from father to Son

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Template: 4

Letter to Say how I Miss the Happy Days with Dad

Dear Dad,

It is because of the immense happiness that you had actually shared with me, my mom, and the rest of the other siblings, all alive today. I am simply obliged to you for raising me with care, love, and also encouragement. I find myself lucky to have a wonderful dad like you. Even though you have departed from this world over [mention the years] years ago, it actually seems to me that it happened yesterday.

I will not forget the moment when I saw you for the last time before being taken to the operation theatre for open-heart surgery. My mother and my younger sister were inconsolable. But my elder brother kept quiet. But I could understand the inner battle that he was going through. We were sitting with our fingers crossed for the whole night and the next moment doctor shared the news of your departure from this world. 

Dad, you were actually the source of happiness in every moment of life. We remember how you had surprised us during any occasion in our house with beautiful gifts, be it Birthday, Christmas or Easter.

You had always given us the best things in life. Dad, I remember how you had taken all of us trekking in the hilly areas during the hard financial days. We really enjoyed those moments. It was a real adventure for us and we did learn lot of things by coming close to nature. In fact, you had inspired us to love and protect nature. 

Dad, I will be always grateful for all those beautiful moments.

Thanking You and Missing You,

From Your loving Daughter,

[Mention your name]

letter to say how i miss the happy days with dad

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Template: 5

Letter to Say that I Owe Success of My Career to Dad

Dearest Loving Dad, 

I just would not be able to explain in words how I am obliged to you for the sacrifices that you had done in your entire lifetime to make me smile always and encourage me to remain happy forever. I would not be able to forget those days when you nursed me during my sickness. I was in a state of shock for several days after you had silently passed away from this world in the early morning.

I could not believe that you would not be alive anymore. I was on the hostel premises for my graduation and I had received a phone call about your departure from this mortal world. I could not understand on whom I should actually yell at. You were simply gone. At that point in time, I was not in a position to continue my studies. I headed for home and found all my family members were state of grief. 

After a few days, I picked up the courage to go back to my hostel and finish my exams held in the college. Dad, you had always wanted me to go higher up and achieve success. You had always wanted me to see excelling in academics and pursue an administrative career in the Federal Government of the USA. I have indeed fulfilled your dreams as I am currently in the position of patent administrator in [mention the federal agency] of the USA.

 I am happily settled with my husband and kids. Dad, it is all because of you. 

Dad, you had been the best Dad in the world and you will always be the best. 

I owe my success to you.

With great regards and love,

From Your loving Daughter,

[Mention your name]

letter to say that i owe success of my career to dad

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