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Letter to inform death of father- Sample Template

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Subject- letter to death of a father

Dear Sir,

This letter is to inform you about the unfortunate death of your father, [mention the name]. My heartfelt condolences and sympathies for you. We can fathom your pain and loss. 

I am sure that we as a family will fight through this hard time. Though [mention the name] has left us all for his heavenly abode, but he waited to see you for the last time. We are all missing your presence and your mother longs to see you. We hope to see you soon and we will plan the funeral prayers according to your availability. I can understand that your exams are on and this new will be an extra emotional struggle. Please be strong and complete your exams with courage. Your father always traced a flourishing lawyer in you, thus your studies were always his basic priority.

We will wait for you. You can always count on me as a friend. Please don’t worry about your mother and take care of yourself. 

Yours Sincerely,

[Name of the sender]

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