Letter to Granddaughter: 4 Templates and Emails

Template: 1

Letter to granddaughter

Dear [mention her nickname],

How are you doing my cutie? How is your school going? The last time you visited [mention the name of the place], you had talked so much about difficulties adjusting to this new school, I hope everything is fine now and you are doing great.

I often wonder about my pretty little angel. Playing pranks, laughing, chattering endlessly, and making chaos, you are my world. You are the source of my happiness, seeing your face makes me want to live more, else ever since your [granny or grandpa] left me, I had been all alone.

I wanted to give my kids the privacy they would want in their life so I never asked them to live with me, letting them go to [mention the name of the location] and start their new life.

But then, you were born and my life changed. Seeing you have been keeping me alive. I always look forward to your visits here, so that we can play together, I can make you your favorite [mention some sweet dish], we can go to the church on weekends and pray and thank God for everything he has given to us [these are just some examples, you can write your own list of activities over here]. 

You have made my life worth living honey, ever since you were born and I thank you so much for coming into my life and filling my life with this much happiness. You are my precious little granddaughter and will always be. Remember, I will always be there with you.

Do write back to me and let me know about your next visit, I will be waiting.

Love you loads, sweetie,

Granny or grandpa

letter to granddaughter

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Template: 2

Miss You Letter to Granddaughter

To my little girl,

You have gone so far away that I cannot see your face, that I cannot touch you but I miss you, my dear child and I know you miss me too. You have always been my sweet little naughty kid and will always be.

Ever since you passed away in that [mention the incident] I had found it difficult to accept that you are no longer in this world, but I know, you are watching from somewhere. Whenever I make [mention the name of her favorite dish], it reminds me of you, how you used to ask me to make it whenever you visited.

When I sit in the garden in summer evenings, I miss you dearly, it reminds me of how you used to wrap your hands around me and hug me, asking me to tell war stories of [mention the time period]. Every little thing reminds me of you.

I know I will never see you again but we will be meeting in some other world soon and then we are going to live there happily. I wish and pray to God that you get born as my granddaughter again in the next life. I wish that he doesn’t take you away from me then, just at the age of [mention the age]. No, I won’t be sad; there won’t be any tears in my eyes. I am going to keep you alive in my memories as long as I live.

I will always love you, dear. May your soul rest in peace.

Granny or grandpa

miss you letter to granddaughter

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Template: 3

Words of Wisdom Letter to Granddaughter

My darling girl,

You don’t know how much you are loved by your mother, father, and me. I got the biggest gift from sweet Jesus in the form of you. Even though your parents remain busy in their respective lives and can hardly meet me, I am still happy that they don’t stop you to make a trip here at [mention the name of the location].

It’s such a blessing for me to watch you grow, and learn new things and what a smart and bright young lady you are turning into!

My granddaughter is not only the loveliest but has a very kind heart as well. I am so happy to see you every time, dear. But, today, through this letter I want to teach you a few things.

  • When you will be a full-grown lady, you will hardly have time for certain things; you will remain busy sorting your life but even though you are, never forget to pray to God every day. Get to know Him and your life will be so much smoother. He loves his children and always provides them with what’s best for them.
  • Make sure to listen to your parents. Sometimes you might think they aren’t right but being parents, they will always make the right decisions for you. 
  • Try hard and give your best in everything, be it school, university, work, or relationship. Sometimes, it might be hard but make sure to set examples for others.
  • Never be influenced by what others say, do things that others get inspired by you, and they start following you.
  • Always pursue your dreams, and ensure to achieve all your goals, no matter what.

These are a few things that I want you to learn while growing up and never forget. I am sure you will do great in your life.

Love you loads, sweetie,

Take care

Granny or grandpa

words of wisdom letter to granddaughter

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Template: 4

Touching Letter to Granddaughter on Birth

To my precious little girl,

This is the biggest day of my life as today I became the [grandfather or grandmother] and I received a little angel in the form of my sweetest granddaughter sent by God, who will soon start calling me [mention what she will be calling you].

I still remember when your [mother or father] was born, it was a beautiful experience and I am so glad that I am one of the first to hold you. You are the most beautiful and prettiest little thing I have ever seen.

Just like how your [mother or father] had a special set of names given by me, soon I will give you some too and I am sure my precious little girl is going to love them.

As this is the first day of your life, seeing this world for the first time, there are several things I want to tell you. Remember, you are and you will always be deeply loved since you are my first grandchild. My love for you will always be there, I will never get angry with you, no matter what you do, I will always support you, even the times your parents might not and I will make sure to protect you with all my strength and power all my life.

As long as I live, I will help you to grow into a fine young woman with great virtues and I will never ever let you suffer for anything.

You will always be a special person in my life, dear.

Love you tons my sugar pie,

Always stay blessed and happy

[mention the name by which you want her to call you]

touching letter to granddaughter on birth

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