Letter to Father in Law: 4 Templates

Template: 1

Letter to Father in Law

Respected Father In Law,

I must thank you for accepting me as a wife of [mention husband’s name] and in form of daughter-in-law in your family. It is indeed a matter of pride for me that I have got married into this household.  I am simply grateful for the love and support that you had given to me.

I always had hoped for a good marriage and excellent family members. God has been always kind to me by helping me find a wonderful life partner like [ mention your husband’s name ] and an affectionate father-in-law. Father, I must tell you the truth that it is you who have made me understand the value of every relation and respect every relation. The kind of bonding that I have with you actually reminds me of the bonding that I share with my father. 

I am thankful for the wonderful engagement party and also for hosting a wedding reception at your bungalow with great lighting arrangement and decoration. My parents were simply happy with the arrangement done over here and they heaved a sigh of relief as I got married into this household.

I am really grateful to you for showing your concern for my parents and calling them over the phone to know about their wellness. It gives me immense pleasure to see my son playing with you. Father, I must tell you that you have spoiled your grandson by giving him so many toys and never scolding him when he does mischief with you.  

I shall always be obliged for the kind of support and love you have been giving to us and blessing us.

Please take care of your health. We are always there for you.

With love and regards,

From Your Daughter In Law

letter to father in law

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Template: 2

Letter to My Father in Law

Dearest Father In Law,

I am thankful for accepting love between [mention your husband’s name] and I and granting blessings to get engaged and married. Though I had been knowing [mention your husband’s name] for [mention the months/ years] months/ years, I did not know how to move forward in this relationship.

I was bit scared as I had heard from my husband then that you were very strict. But when your son took me to meet you, all my fears were gone. I felt that I was meeting my own father. You gave me the confidence to speak for what I had wanted and I wanted to get married to [mention the husband’s name] and become daughter in law of this household.

I cannot stop thanking you for the affection and concern you always show for my parents and my other siblings.  It is from you that I had actually learned to handle every relationship with responsibility. 

I must say that you are not only father in law but a father figure for everyone in this household.  I am thankful for supporting my husband, your son when he had actually lost his job and when your grandson was just [mention the number] months old. You had never let us feel that we were passing through a financial crisis. Tears roll down my eyes when I think of those days.  It was God who had shown me how great your father-in-law is. 

I must again conclude by saying that I am lucky to be part of a wonderful family that you have raised. 

From your Loving Daughter In Law,

[ mention your name]

letter to my father in law

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Template: 3

Letter to Father in Law from Bride

Respected Father In Law,

It is my duty to thank you for helping me realize my worth as a daughter-in-law of your house. Whenever I feel low, it is you who encourage me to fight against any challenge that comes on my way. As I hail from different family backgrounds and hold a different faith, I never had actually confidence to go ahead with [mention husband’s name] as his life partner.

We were simply college friends and never actually realized when we actually had fallen in love with one another. 

I come from a conservative background and I was supposed to get married as per my parents’ wishes to one of the members of our church. I had already disclosed this matter to [ mention husband’s name] when he had proposed to me for marriage and I did not readily say yes to the proposal. 

I was giving time to him and also to myself to think about it. It was after some months that I went back to my father’s place, and I realized that I could not actually live without him. Then I had started calling him and meeting him and on his insistence, I met you, sir. It was then I realized that this is the place where I will get married and spend the rest of my life.  

I am thankful for the way you have raised my husband and taught him how to love and care for the family that he has raised with me. I must also thank you for convincing my parents and accepting me as your daughter-in-law of your house. 

I need your blessings, wisdom, and strength, and love always so that I can serve with dedication and sincerity as a wife and daughter-in-law of this family.

With Respectfully From 

Your Daughter In Law

letter to father in law from bride

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Template: 4

Letter to Father in Law from Groom

Dear Sir,      

It is indeed a matter of great honor of becoming son in law of your family. I consider myself to be a fortunate man for getting married to a beautiful, wise and thoughtful girl like [mention your wife’s name] who belongs to your family. I had known her ever since she had worked in our office. Observing her qualities, I had decided to send a proposal for marriage. Things had been not so easy for both of us. Both of us belonged to two different family backgrounds. She did not accept my relationship so readily with me.

It was then I took the courage to meet you and ask you for her hand in marriage. I remember the Sunday afternoon when you had actually invited me for the lunch. The way you took care of me on that day, I just realized that you are just like my father. I just became emotional for a moment.

You actually never made me realize that you are a rich man and a director of a company and I am simply holding the position of assistant manager in a company.

Trusting in my determination and courage, you had agreed to go ahead with the relationship with [mention your wife’s name] and put a legal stamp to it in form of marriage. 

I am indeed grateful to you for helping me realize my worth as your adorable and trustworthy son-in-law.  I am really proud to have [ mention your wife’s name] as my wife who does not only have a beautiful face but also has a beautiful heart. 

I promise to love and comfort her throughout my life.

I need your blessings.

With Love and Regards

From Your Son in law,

[ mention your name]

letter to father in law from groom

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