employee inviting them to disciplinary hearing Letter Template

Since the employee has been found guilty of his activities, he is subjected to a disciplinary appeal hearing from the management.

Using this letter structure, you will be making the person alert of the mistakes that he has made in the organization and the steps that will be taken against him for his immoral conduct, and how this has hurt the organization’s integrity. 

You can further ask him to contact you for further queries through the given contact details.

Letter Template: 1


[Name of the recipient],

[Mention Designation and department],


        Sub: Inviting the employee to the disciplinary hearing

       Dear candidate,

This letter is being sent to you to invite you to the disciplinary hearing procedure of our company about your serious misconduct on our organization premises. As per the meeting by our governing body with the legal team, we are sending you this confirmation letter to attend the procedure of the impending hearing process.

The previously mentioned meeting will take place on (mention the date of the meeting). Our other members are feeling depressed due to your serious misconduct (mention the details of the misconduct), which you had shown previously many times towards our other employees.

We repeatedly tried to change you by giving you numerous warnings to change your behavior towards this organization and its employees. We are attaching some details regarding this matter (mention the facts and the date and time when the warnings were given).

We are requesting you to attend this disciplinary hearing. We hope you will attend this meeting seriously to present the required documents and credentials to plead for yourself. You can contact us any time if you have any kind of question. Hope you will come to this meeting.

Hope you will take this letter seriously and change yourself for your good.

Thank you very much,


    [Name of the sender],

     [Designation of the sender],

    [Organisation name]

 employee inviting them to disciplinary hearing letter

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