Letter to Daughter: 8 Templates and Emails

Template: 1

Letter to Daughter

Dear daughter,

How have you been doing my beautiful angel? Have you been eating well, sleeping well? Have you been taking care of yourself? It still feels unbelievable to me that my sweetheart grew up so much! It’s been [mention the time period] that you are married and here I am, still thinking, you will be here in front of me asking for money for some new dress again. 

Being a parent, it is a different emotion to see a daughter growing up. Whatever you wanted I have always given you, I have never said a NO to you for anything, because I have always loved you a lot, my dear.

It still feels like yesterday that you were born, I took you in my arms for the first time, hummed a lullaby and you fell into sleep, it feels like yesterday that you took your admission in [mention the name of the school], your college days when you were still taking part in cultural programs and now that girl has grown up.

My baby is grown up enough to have already got married and now soon she will have a baby of her own. We are going to be grandparents. I miss you so much dear. Without you, this house seems empty. I know those days won’t be back but you are always going to be little precious baby forever and I am always going to love and care for you.

P.S- Do tell me when you write back, how is [mention the name of your son-in-law] doing? Is everything going okay in business? Does he want any help? I want him to keep you happy always, no matter what.

Stay happy and blessed,

letter to daughter

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Template: 2

Letter to My Daughter

Dear daughter,

It’s been so long since I heard from you. Your last letter was on [mention the date], after that there have been hardly any letters from you. I know you are a grown-up girl and you have a life of your own, and we have never stopped you from living that life but then, being parents, we still worry about you.

It just feels like yesterday when you were born and our world was filled with immense happiness and joy. When we first stepped into our house along with you, that day we made a silent promise that we are going to give you everything that you want, everything that you deserve. That promise has always been kept and you have always been allowed to have your way.

I have made sure that that freedom is given to you. Be it when you went for a girls’ night out or when you dated that boy from your college, we have seen to it that you get to live life on your own terms.

Ever since you went out with [mention the name of a friend], to make your career in [mention the name of the place], I have been worried as this is the first time you have gone this far from us. All we want is for you to be safe.

Make sure that you write back to me in another [mention the no. of days] or else I would have to be there and then there will be no more job for you. You will be going back with me back to your hometown. If you don’t want this to happen then write to me as soon as you get this.

You’re [mum or dad],

letter to my daughter

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Template: 3

A Letter to My Daughter

Dear daughter,

How are you, sweetheart? How is it going in [mention the name of the place]? Ever since you left to study [mention the name of the course], all of us have been very sad and we miss you every day. 

How is your preparation going for the finals? I hope you are studying well and not hanging out much with your friends, not even on weekends. I hope you remember what your dad went through for your admission to [mention the name of the university]. You belong to a farmer’s family, don’t ever forget that. You have got to achieve a lot in your life.

You have seen how your father has struggled every day to make both ends meet, how all of us have lived and now we are growing old and we want our daughter to support us, we want to see you grow in your life and career so that after seeing you as a successful, independent woman, we can rest in peace.

We know that you don’t intend to marry, but still, we still hope that a handsome young man, one day will change this view of yours and you will find your happiness with him.

Make sure that you take care of yourself, eat and sleep well, have adequate rest but study hard as well. After your finals, we expect you to be here soon. [mention the name of her sister] will be here from [mention the name of the place]. [Mention the name of her husband] will be coming too. We will have a get-together after a long time.

Love you a lot honey,

Your mum,

a letter to my daughter

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Template: 4

Touching Letter to Daughter

To my dearest daughter,

Congratulations dear! I got your letter yesterday and I knew that you can do it! I knew that with your hard work, determination, and strong willpower, you will be awarded the ‘’best employee of the year’’ [this is an example given; you can give the name of the award that she got].

Ever since you were a little baby, you have always been tenacious about things in life. Be it the time when there was a dance championship in your school in [mention the standard] or when you had the selection test for [mention the field or area], you have always given your best and tried hard, resulting in a definite success. I had always been proud of you sweetheart. You have never disappointed us.

Right from the day you were born, we knew that a star has born in our family. We knew that you will be shining in whichever field you will go. We have always supported you in everything and we will keep doing that. But, working hard, make sure to eat and sleep well. Make sure to take care of your health.

Life in [mention the name of the location] is very different from how it is here and we want you to be healthy always, apart from doing well in life.

Sometimes we worry about you and wonder how you are managing things all alone over there but since you have said that you can handle things all by yourself, we have never interfered.

Take care and wish you all the very best for future accomplishments as well. Keep on writing to me and make sure to call every weekend like you always do.

Love you dear,

Your [mom or dad]

touching letter to daughter

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Template: 5

Touching Letter to Dad from Daughter

Dear dad,

How are you dad and how is mom doing? I hope you guys have been hale and hearty in my absence. I would like to start this letter with my apology that I couldn’t write to you for a long time. You know how hard it is to manage things over here in [mention the name of the place].

Ever since I shifted to [mention the name of the location] for my [mention the name of the subject] exams, I have been handling things as well as I can. Sometimes the going gets tough with me to pay the rent on time, look after the household chores, studying, but then I am your daughter and you have always been my hero, my inspiration in life. I have seen how much you have struggled but never gave up.

I have made a daily routine (sort of a timetable like mom used to make for me when I was a kid) which I follow and try to do the things accordingly. At times, I miss mom’s homemade [mention the name of the dish] and your suggestions and advice whenever I feel stuck at any point, but then, I imagine both of you are here with me, I smile and try to make the impossible, possible.

I will keep on working hard and I promise I will score the best and top my university. I will make you guys proud. I will make sure that I give you and mom the best of everything someday.

Please ask mom not to take too much stress, worrying about me. I will be there at [mention the name of your hometown] as soon as my final exams end.

Take care,

Love and miss you,

[mention your name]

touching letter to dad from daughter

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Template: 6

Sweet Letter to Mom from Daughter

Dear mom,

It’s been so long since I have seen you, mom, I miss you so much. You have been my best friend, my sister, my everything. Ever since dad left, you have made sure that I lead a good life. 

I have seen you struggle, work hard and do everything that can make me happy and can give me a better future. I have seen you, understood how you hid your tears, your pain, and I know how you missed dad every day. The term ‘single mother’ doesn’t sound so hard to say but living the life of one is actually harder than one can imagine. Now that I got married, it feels like I have gone so far from you.

[Mention the name of your husband] is really sweet and always cares for me and loves me, and I am very happy here with him but at the same time, I worry about you. 

How’s [mention the name of your mom’s friend]? Is he taking care of you? I feel he’s a nice guy. Why don’t you people get married? I think he likes you, I have seen and felt that the way he takes care of you, he has feelings for you. You have done a lot for me and in that process; you have not been able to live your own life. It’s time that you think about yourself and your future. I want you to be happy.

It’s always been you doing something for me, now I want to do something for you too. Please don’t say no and please think about it. [Mention the name of your husband] and I will be visiting you this [mention the name of the season]. Let’s plan a nice bonfire party and have a good time together.

Take care,

Love you a lot and always miss you,

Yours [mention your name]

sweet letter to mom from daughter

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Template: 7

Heartfelt Letter to My Daughter

To my baby girl,

Sweetheart, how have you been doing? Is everything going okay in [mention the name of the place]? I know you have asked me not to worry about you, that you will be fine but I cannot help it, you are still my little baby and dad misses you as well.

Had it been in my power, I wouldn’t have let you go on this trip to [mention the name of the location], but since you are a university topper and you have won this trip as a prize from the university authorities, I couldn’t say a no. You have never stayed away from home for [mention the time period] and I always worry about you whether you are doing fine, whether you have eaten, whether you are sleeping well.

Your dad never expresses it but you know how much he loves you. We are waiting for you to come back soon.

We have made a lot of changes here, we have opted for a renovation and while half of the work is done, half still needs to be completed. You will be happy to see the outcome. The ideas you suggested that we go for [mention some nice renovation ideas] were truly great, honey. It will definitely make our home look a lot better and your dad has advised the workers to do just like how you told him to.

You will truly be a great interior designer someday. I am glad that we have such an intelligent and smart daughter like you.

I will be waiting for your reply. Make sure you write back to me.

Love you,

Take care,

Enjoy and have a good time,


heartfelt letter to my daughter

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Template: 8

Emotional Letter to Daughter from Mother

Dear [mention her name],

It has been quite a long time since I have written a letter to you, but since you have asked me not to call you, so I am left with no other option but to write. I truly miss you, sweetie. I hope you are fine.

I know it’s your life and you are a grown-up girl, but to me, you will always be my little baby. I know you want your space and you want to live your life on your own terms but do talk to me sometimes. Ever since you left for [mention the name of the location] with [mention the name of her boyfriend], I have been living alone here. 

Yes, [mention the name of the housekeeper] is here to look after me but sometimes I do feel like talking to you, my dear, who I have given birth to. You have always been my darling girl and we spent so many memorable days with each other. You used to play in the yard, laugh, make so much noise, and your dad and me; we used to smile seeing you.

I don’t know what changed between you and me that you abandoned me and stopped talking. It feels like I am forcing you to keep in touch with me, like I have no place in your life. You don’t know how it feels. It breaks me every time.

I always worry about you and wonder whether you are doing well, whether you have been eating and sleeping well. 

Do talk to me sometimes. I will be waiting for your reply. If not anything else then do send a text that you are doing okay.

Love you and miss you,

Take care,


emotional letter to daughter from mother

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