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A Letter To Congratulate For Job Success


Subject: Congratulate For Job Success

Dear (name of employee),

It is always a matter of great pleasure to write a letter to an employee that has shown great achievement in his work. As a compliment from our business for your great effort, we are pleased to tell you that many of our clients have appreciated your part on [topic of work] for [work done] during the [period of task]. Our clients and even your fellow employees truly admired your beautiful works.

We have regular customers in our company [name of company] who have gratefully  expressed their appreciation upon seeing your [elaboration of work]. It is all a result of your great contributions that our employees are beginning to receive positive feedback from people who saw them already. 

We always had faith in you exercising the post as [designation of employee] in our company [name of company] and you correctly proved everyone your worth. You are extremely qualified for as the [designation of the employee] and truly a gem to the company. Without your thoughtful planning and oversight and an undertaking like this, the project [elaborate about project] would have been nearly impossible.

Congratulations to you from the entire family of the company for a remarkable job  which you executed so well. Wishing for even more success at the projects you undertake in future. Wish you all the very best. 


(you name)

(your position)

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