Letter to Brother: 4 Templates and Emails

Template: 1

Letter to Brother

Dear brother,

How are you doing my dear brother? Is everything going well? I have been waiting for your response to my last letter for a long time now. I know you don’t like people poking you repeatedly but I am so worried about you.

You were a little baby less than a month old when I first took you into my arms. At that time, I already went to study in the [mention the name of the location]. I missed the time when you first opened your eyes but when I saw you smiling at me in my arms that day, I can’t tell you what I felt. It was a different kind of experience for me. 

I know the age gap of [mention the number of years] creates some strong differences in our opinions, views, and the way we both perceive things but then, you are still my brother. I have always cared for you, given you the space you want. It is true that I miss those days when you were a baby boy as you used to laugh a lot, talk a lot, but after that, I started to give you space, knowing that growing up, you would require your own privacy. At that moment, I didn’t realize that you will go this far from me.

However, as long as you are okay, and doing fine, I don’t mind you ignoring me. I have always loved you and supported you in all your decisions and I will continue to do so till the last breath of my life.

I am still waiting for your reply, do let me know whether you will be coming on [mention the date]. Mum and dad are expecting you.

[mention your name]

letter to brother

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Template: 2

Letter to My Brother

Dear [mention your brother’s name]

You evil little thing! When will you be coming here? I have my wedding in another [mention the number of days] and I have been calling you and your phone was repeatedly coming either unreachable or busy. You didn’t call me back so I called [mention the name of his friend or girlfriend], he or she told me that you have been busy in some stupid [mention the activity or business in which your brother is engaged right now].

I just can’t believe that you are not answering my calls, not talking to me. Why? Are you scared that you will be hearing a good [mention the duration] ‘’lecture’’ from me? You know how much I hate writing letters, and yet here I am! Because of my silly, stupid brother, I have to do that as well.

Ever since we were kids, you have had all the privileges which I never had. Mom and dad loved you more since you came just a few minutes after me into this world. And now, you are even trying to ruin my wedding! You know I have been planning for it for quite some time! You know how much I love [mention the name of your would-be-spouse] and how I want everything to go just perfect. You know we dated for [mention the number of years] and what I went through, as I was trying to win the heart of his parents. Like seriously, why are you doing this? Can’t I ask you to be a little good to me as your own sister? 

I don’t know, leave all that and come here tomorrow. I want to see you tomorrow here. I have something important to discuss with you and for that I want you to be here soon; else I will go there and beat you up. I swear, I will! 

[mention your name]

letter to my brother

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Template: 3

Jolly Letter to Brother

Hey bro,

What’s going on in life? It’s been just [mention the time period] and I have already started to miss you. How’s life at [mention the name of the location] and how are your exams going?

The last time I wrote to you, you were fairly busy, involved in [mention the name of the subject or course which he is studying]. I know, I know, it’s not an easy deal to score an [mention a grade] in this paper but I know my intelligent brother; he will make sure to get the perfect grades. He is a geek and a professor’s favorite [laughs].

But I so miss you! it’s been a long since we played pranks, annoyed our friends or met with them, or hang out and chilled, sipping some cool beer. Now is the time when we can enjoy our life, being youthful, these days won’t come back. Do you remember, how [mention some funny incident]? It was so hilarious! I laughed for days and mum thought maybe I went crazy and I should be meeting a good psychiatrist! [laughs].

Ever since you left for [mention the name of the location], it has been no fun here. You know I have been trying to convince dad to let me go to [mention the name of the place] for [mention the name of the course] but he is just so worried! I mean, come on! 

Can you help me convince him? I know if you talk to him, he will let me go. Please! Have a word with him soon and do let me know when we can meet again, after all, there would be so much to catch up on! Isn’t it?

P.S – I hope, by this time, you have made a girlfriend! I honestly don’t understand what it is with you and girls! Anyway, I want to hear some good news!

[mention your name]

jolly letter to brother

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Template: 4

Cute Letter to Brother

To my dearest brother,

Thank you for being my sweet brother. You are the best brother I could ever ask for, from God. Mother and father have truly filled my life with happiness by giving me such a lovely brother like you and our love for each other will never end.

Now that you are so far away from me at [mention the name of the location], I have been missing you like anything. I have been remembering those days when we used to enjoy life, used to get on mother’s nerves [laughs] and dad used to support us, the entire house is filled with laughter and noise created by us, the famous [mention some nickname, given by others], brother-sister duo. 

We used to fight like cats and dogs but then, we used to support each other as well during the tough times. It feels so funny as well as sad at the same time. I always hated saying this but now that you are away from me, I really love you brother. You have always been there with me in my every decision, no matter what and I have been truly lucky to get such a sweetheart like you!

Though we stay in touch whenever we can, via chats and video calls, it doesn’t feel enough, it doesn’t fill the void, and most importantly, there is no fun talking in this virtual world! I know we can’t go back to those days but promise me something, that you are never going to change and you will be coming here soon. Mom and dad miss you a lot.

[mention your name]

cute letter to brother

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