Letter to Aunt: 4 Templates and Emails

An aunt is a special family member with a unique and cherished place in many people’s lives. She is often a source of love, support, and guidance, offering wisdom and insight gained from her own life experiences.

Whether she is a biological aunt or a chosen family member, an aunt can be trusted, confided in, and relied upon in times of need.

Template: 1

Letter to Aunt

Dearest Aunt,

You are the best person in my life after my mom and dad. I salute you and respect you for the contribution that you had made to my life. You never actually differentiated me from my cousins who are my peers. You are just like my mother.

Whenever you are there, you create memorable moments with us. I am quite happy today as I am celebrating your birthday. Wish you a Happy Birthday, Aunt. 

Every year, I wait for this particular day as it is precious for me. It is because this is your birthday. I cannot explain in words how happy I do feel when I see you smiling and far more contended when I find you laughing and telling stories and inspiring us to read good books and also taking us to zoos and parks for enjoyment.

I am really thankful for the beautiful gifts you always bring for me. Every year, you are the first person from whom I do get birthday wishes. You had also surprised with beautiful gifts during Christmas.

I remember the day when I got scolded by my father for my scores in my exams; it was you who had comforted me. You inspired me and even counseled my parents about how success and failure are part of life and it should be dealt with positively.  

For your birthday, we have made a special plan for you. We will be throwing a party for you in the evening. You must come with your uncle and cousins and enjoy your birthday.

Wish you a Happy Birthday Again!

From Your Loving Nephew,

[Mention your name]

letter to aunt

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Template: 2

Letter to Niece from Aunt

My Dearest Aunt,

I must actually tell you that how precious you are to me. You have been closest to my heart ever since you were born. I remember those days when you were an infant and cry a lot. Sometimes, it was difficult for your mother, my sister faced difficulty in consoling you. It was I who could manage in those moments.

You may have given hard time to your mom but you never disappointed me. I could not bear to control my laughter to observe the naughty pranks that you played with your siblings.

I remember the day of my wedding when you were dressed as the best girl and were always beside me carrying a veil to the altar. You were [mention the age] years old. It was really a great moment for me. But you could not control your tears when you saw me leaving every one of you and getting into the car and going to my husband, your uncle’s place after the wedding ceremony.

I could not also stop shedding the tears. It is just amazing for me to see you growing and maturing into a young woman. 

Dear [mention your niece’s name], you are my hope and inspiration. I always tell my kids, your cousins, to obey you for whatever you say.

I believe when I leave this world, you will definitely be taking care of your cousins and living peacefully with one another. 

May God bless you with Wisdom and Happiness!

From Your Loving Niece,

[Mention your name]

letter to niece from aunt

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Template: 3

Letter to Nephew from Aunt

My Dearest Nephew [mention your nephew’s name],

I know that no one can take place of your mom who has brought you to this world and has taken so much pain and made sacrifices to raise you.

You have been very close to me ever since I saw you for the first time in the baby nursery after your birth and when you had opened your eyes and saw me and recognized me next to your mother, your maternal aunt.

You have been a source of immense happiness for me ever since you were born. I enjoyed changing your nappies during the days of your nappies and also enjoyed playing with you when you were turning into a crawling baby and then a toddler. Many times, you used to fall down when you had learned to walk. 

You were a restless and naughty kid, and several times, you hurt your knees, and I had to take you to the doctor for first aid and medicine. Thankfully, the clinic was near your house. 

After so many years, I am meeting you, and I find you in a completely changed form. You have become very mature and always caring and concerned about everyone. But your face bears the same innocence I saw for the first time when you were born. 

I always share your stories with my children and I tell them that you are not only my darling nephew but also my own baby whom I have raised with so much care and love. 

May God’s blessings be always with you!

From Your Loving Aunt

letter to nephew from aunt

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Template: 4

Letter to Aunt to Ask About Health

My Dear Aunt,

You are the most important person in my life after my mother. You have been there with me ever since I had been an infant. I heard from my mother about the way you had taken care of me.

You were always concerned about my health from the very beginning. You never actually wanted me to eat any fast food items. Instead, you always made puddings and cakes for me, which I enjoyed.

I had this news from my mother that you had fallen sick, were admitted to the hospital, and just returned. I am quite hurt because you never really felt like informing us. I must tell you that your life is more precious than anything on this Earth.

If anything happens to you then my whole world will be shattered. Dear Aunt, we love you and care for you. 

I believe that you are taking the medicines on time and sleeping at the right time. Follow whatever has been prescribed by the doctor. For the next check-up, I would personally go and meet the doctor. 

Do not worry Aunt, we all are coming to your place this weekend and will have a great time. Like yesteryears, we can have a barbeque party in your garden premises. It will surely be a memorable time for every one of us. 

Hope you follow the doctor’s advice, eat and sleep on time, and do not forget to take your medicines. 

So, we are all meeting you in this weekend. In the meantime, do call us any time you feel like.  

We are there for you!

From Your loving nephew,

[Mention your name

letter to aunt to ask about health

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