A Letter to Wish Retirement Anniversary to Uncle

We enjoy each and every phase of life with enthusiasm and zeal but retirement is such a phase which brings upon uncertainty and boredom. Instead we can encourage our loved ones to try out this new feeling and phase of life with excitement and enthusiasm to do something new in their lives.

A Letter to wish retirement anniversary to uncle.

Dear [Uncle],

Retirement does not mean that you cannot still be a priceless connection for your peers; you are full of such valuable insights and experiences which you can provide as a mentor. Since childhood you always used to describe me about the unique ideas and things that you wanted to do when you retire and here the days have come. It’s been years when you were punctual like a alarm clock to your work but now since some years I could see the other side of you, how to be punctual yet enjoy the most of your productive time.

Everything has a right time, right place and right opportunity and there is a season for every action under the cloud nine. It’s your perfect time to rest and be a lazy guy. I hope you are enjoying your retirement. I am happy for you that you can now wake up when you want to, spend an enjoyable vacation at the places that you have always wished for, make your own agenda without any external constraints and I suppose that is the freedom that retirement brings in. You have worked so hard for so many days and now it is the time for you to peacefully rest in the couch and sip a coffee

A life without daily traffic jams, heavy paperwork, and office bells might be so serene and peaceful. Congratulations and lots of best wishes on this special day.

Yours lovingly,

[Name of Sender]

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