A Letter to wish Retirement anniversary to sister-in-law.

Retirement is a new and different stage of life that we look forward to enjoy. After spending a considerable amount of time at work, retirement crafts a new opportunity to spend time. While for some, retirement is bittersweet while others may only see it as a prospect for liberty from the daily hurdles.

A Letter to wish Retirement anniversary to sister-in-law.

Dear [name of Sister-in-law]

I hope you are doing well. I thought to pen down my feelings for you on this big day. I am very happy as this marks the journey for you to officially enter into unofficial-life. This day embarks a temporary halt to your professional commitments but these are phases of life which will pass away elegantly. I am sure you might be looking forward towards the golden days of your life and this break will give you the emotional and spiritual freedom. 

You have always been my inspiration for perfect work-life balance since I started to work.  Your guidance and inspiration has always helped me to grow personally and professionally. Though I was not gifted a sister by birth yet your presence in my life has always filled that void. You are an epithet of sanguinity and hard work. You are full of such priceless insights and experiences which you provide as a guide. You have been a valued member of your team and I wish you the very best for your future endeavours.

No more targets, no more goals and no more meetings for the time being. All there is left to do now is to unfold all the happiness that life has in store. Have an exciting journey in your new life. Celebrate the end of an era and the start of a brand new episode.

Congratulations on your retirement. Lots of love.

Yours lovingly,

[Name of Sender]

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