Unexpected Death Sympathy Letter Template

A Letter of sympathy is usually written in order to console a person or provide emotional support to the aggrieved in case of a mishap, loss, or misfortune. The tone of this letter is usually empathetic and supportive.

In this letter, one should mention how deeply aggrieved you are to hear about the mishap or the unfortunate incident. The letter may be written in a formal or informal tone. If you require any help in writing such a letter, then look no further. You are at the right website.

Letter Template: 1



[Mention recipient name]

Dear [name],

I am writing this letter to express my sympathy for the unexpected death of [mention person name]. I can understand how you are feeling right now. [Mention person’s name] was a valued member of our team and served his/her many years to the company. Besides being an excellent employee, he/she was always a good human being and considerate towards his/her colleagues and work. We learned so many new techniques from his/her work. He/she was unique in his/her own way. He/she used to do his/her work with all his/her dedication and hard work, making him/her a perfect co-worker to all of us.

He/she was very punctual towards his/her work. He/she will be sadly missed by everyone at the workplace. Our sympathies are with you and your family at this difficult time.

May God rest his/her soul in peace.

With love,

[Sender Name]

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