Business downfall Sympathy Letter Template

The business of your friend has suffered a major downfall. It has taken a huge hit. As a well-wisher, you may wish to extend your heartfelt sympathies to your friend. You may do so by writing a letter of sympathy to them.

In this letter, you should use an informal tone. You should mention how sorry you are to hear about his loss. You should assure him of any help from your side and that things will turn around soon enough. 

Letter Template: 1



[Mention recipient name]

Dear [name],

I came to know about the difficulties you are facing in your business. As I came to know the details from our close friend [mention the name of the friend], I was not astonished to know about the sudden downfall of your business. My friend, we are now going through tough times due to the outbreak of the pandemic.

There will be serious economic set back in this situation. It would be best if you dared to fight through this situation. I am well aware that you have enough resources to stay afloat during this period. Do not lose your hope as the world is sure to return to normalcy in the future. It may take time, but it is for sure that scientists will find a way out of this pandemic.

I know how brilliant you are as a businessman. I am sure that you will emerge successful after the pandemic is over. Have faith in yourself, and keep in mind that I will always stand by you on your tough days.

Have faith in the almighty and stay strong.

With love,

[Sender Name]

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